Sarah Jessica Parker Presented Her New Fragrance in Russia

The actress visited, in mid-November, the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg where she could interact with  many  of the followers she has in the country

Abel Amón. 08/12/2017

Sarah Jessica Parker went to Russia to promote her perfumes SJP to one of the main Russian perfumery chains, L’Etoile specifically its new release. The actress is very popular in Russia, as well as the series she starred in, Sex and the City. The well-known American actress has been with her line of perfumes for several years, whose fragrance authors are the prestigious perfumers Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry, with whom Sarah Jessica Parker actively collaborates in the development of such  fragrances.

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From Coty to Lovely Distribution
After 7 long years of work, Sarah Jessica Parker presented her new perfume Stash SJP in September of last year in New York. The actress has assured that this is the «most personal and provocative fragrance». This new fragrance smells of «leather and wood» and is a perfect combination of sage, grapefruit rind, pistachio, black pepper, musk cedar, massoia wood and lilies with an almond background.

The first fragrance that successfully launched the market was Lovely, in 2005 in collaboration with the prestigious cosmetic company Coty. After the success that had Lovely, the actress sent a second perfume, called Covet, to, later, take a parenthesis of seven years from the space of beauty. This beauty products company is a worldwide marketer of fragrances, cosmetics and skin care products. The fragrance brands include Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Davidoff, Chloé, Balenciaga, Beyoncé, Bottega Veneta, Guess, Katy Perry, Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli. At the end of 2014, the SJP perfumes license was taken over by Lovely Distribution Co., a company created specifically for this Parker project, and they are responsible of maintaining the actress’ website where her perfumes can be ordered.

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The 7 billion dollars of the multinational Coty contrast with the much more modest turnover figures of Lovely Distribution, although the latter company has experienced considerable growth in recent years. Lovely Distribution is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom and its submitted accounts offer net asset growth in excess of one million pounds sterling as well as very acceptable liquidity ratios.

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First visit to St. Petersburg and controversy on Instagram
Sarah Jessica Parker had already gone to Moscow before, specifically in 2011 to present the film «I Don’t Know what she does.» The actress was then fascinated by the Russian capital and in this month’s trip she was able to visit the city of St. Petersburg. She confessed admirer of Russian culture and declared that «as a child I dreamed of being a Bolshoi dancer». He was able, in addition to enjoying the wonders of Georgian cuisine in a restaurant in the center of the capital and both there and when signing catalogs of his perfume, he showed great sympathy and showed great patience attending his multiple followers, among whom was the popular singer and Russian TV presenter Olga Buzova, who was delighted to have chatted with Parker.

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The actress exchanged her impressions in her Instagram account although she received certain criticisms for confusing the Volga brand of the GAZ company with the Zhiguli model of Avtovaz, which manufactures the Lada brand. With regard to the Russian automobile fleet, it can be said that it has been very renewed in recent years and the weight of imported cars is increasing. Russian companies also present novelties, which leave both the Volga and the Zhiguli models very old-fashioned.

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