Sensai the Silk

A fresh oriental scent that embraces the wearer with elegance like sheer silk on skin.

The Luxonomist. 01/07/2015
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Sensai the Silk Eau de Parfum and Sensai the Silk Eau de Toilette. (Photo: Click for more information

Silk and fragrance have long been entwined in Japanese culture. In earlier days, silk garments were imbued with aromatic blends, which would fuse with the warmth of the skin to release a sensual and inviting scent. Both men and women took pleasure in this intimate tradition, and silk and fragrance were inseparable for the creation of a truly personal scent.

SENSAI’s first fragrance, SENSAI THE SILK, is a modern day interpretation of this traditional olfactory wisdom. Like the words to a poem or the lyrics to a song, when SENSAI THE SILK embraces the skin it manifests into a poetic scent to tell the tale of the woman’s beautiful life.

Sensai the Silk: A fresh oriental scent that embraces the wearer with elegance like sheer silk on skin. As the fragrance mingles with skin, a personal scent is created that reveals the wearer’s innate beauty and is hers to enjoy alone or together with someone special.

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Designer – Nicolas Gwënael. (Photo: Click for more information

Sensai the Silk Eau de Parfum 50 ml: A sophisticated and intimate fragrance, whose aromatic notes are brought together by a sensual amber accord that caresses the skin like silk.

Sensai the Silk Eau de Toilette 50 ml: A delicate and radiant fragrance that sparkles with violet leaf and evolves into a bouquet of white flowers, while sensual hints of amber caress the skin like silk.

Sensai 3
The Perfumer – Marie Salamagne. (Photo: Click for more information

SENSAI THE SILK opens with a burst of fresh fruit zest and spices: bergamot, pink pepper, pear and violet leaf to awaken the senses. It then blossoms into a gentle white floral bouquet with a luminosity that indulges the senses, followed by an entrancing haze of tonka beans. All the while, a warm and sensual amber accord brings each aromatic note into harmony, embracing the skin like silk.

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