Shiseido Renovates His Brand

Shiseido executes renovation of the Shiseido brand based on empathy to establish itself as a global marketing company from Japan.

The Luxonomist. 06/10/2015

Commencing in January 2016, Shiseido—currently available in 88 countries and regions around the world—will undergo a comprehensive brand innovation. To reinforce its role as a global marketing company, the Shiseido group established its mid-to-long-term plan VISION 2020 and is now executing a rebuilding of brand value, in which Shiseido holds an integral position. Driven by a belief in beauty as a positive force in the world and with “empathy” serving as a guiding keyword, Shiseido is set to renovate its communication and to further expand touch points with its consumers.

Shiseido 5
Shiseido Ibuki. Click to buy

In the modern age characterized by rapid change, urbanization and globalization, beauty invests people with the strength to deal with a range of issues and becomes the very power to live, at the same time as functioning as a connecting force that joins people together. Shiseido believes that empathy is born when people recognize the diversity of beauty, respect the beauty present in one another, and realize the infinite nature of beauty.

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Shiseido Future Solution LX. Click to buy

Stretching back to the very birth of the brand, Shiseido has an extensive history of amalgamating cutting-edge technology with art to bring out the beauty innately present in consumers, and this promise to consumers exists to this day. Shiseido believes that the beauty it produces in various forms inspires and enforces empathy, and that it can be a positive force in the world. The brand innovation that lies ahead will involve an amplified communication of this message of beauty.

Shiseido 1
Enikő Mihalik, new model of Shiseido. (Photo: instagram)

To inspire empathy among consumers around the world, Shiseido is set for a sequential overhaul of its products, advertising visuals, models, store counters, brand logo and other aspects of communication commencing in January 2016. To express the elements of contemporary Japan fundamental to Shiseido from a global perspective, the brand has appointed Ruba Abu-Nimah, who has a diverse background in the global prestige market that includes working in the design field in New York and Paris and receiving multiple design awards, to serve as its new Creative Director.

Shiseido 2
Imaan Hammam, new model of Shiseido.

To make them more comprehensible from a consumer perspective, the respective roles of the brand’s products have been redefined according to four different approaches: Defend, Regenerate, Reveal, and Express. The first stage of this restructuring will be represented by ULTIMUNE (launched full-scale in September 2014), designed to defend the beauty of skin, and the new foundation (set for sequential launch after March 2016), which serves to reveal beauty.

Shiseido 3
Asia Chow, new model of Shiseido. (Photo: Paul Jasmin)

Shiseido’s core product ULTIMUNE and the new foundation will mark the first stage of the brand’s renewed advertising visuals that will be used in points of sale, magazines, SNS, brand sites and other platforms. With the purpose of inspiring empathy among consumers on a global scale, Shiseido has chosen three new models who embody inner beauty, and the new visuals express a strong message celebrating the diversity of beauty. The model visuals were shot by internationally active photographer Mario Sorrenti.

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