Spring Valmont is filled with light

Expert of Light is the proper name of a range that seeks not only to care for the skin, but to correct pigmentation.

Laura Martín. 26/01/2015
Expert of Light, Valmont
Expert of Light, Valmont
Expert of Light, Valmont

Light, light, and light. It is the word for the treatment of spring signing Alta Valmont Cosmetics that have recently presented in Spain to the press. Expert of Light is the proper name of a range that seeks not only to care for the skin, but to correct pigmentation, one of the major concerns of the users of cosmetics and beauty centers that has most increased in recent years.

To do this, from the Swiss group have created a complete range which seeks to attack the cells loaded with melanin; unify the complexion limiting acceleration melanocitario system; Preserve Luminosity and protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

The flagship product of this range is zinc. Furthermore, hexylresorcinol, an illuminator complexion active ingredient, acts directly on the core by limiting melanocyte melanin production. This ingredient, as potent as hydroquinone (with a concentration 4 times lower), has a higher tolerance latter (banned in many countries and known carcinogen). Summarizing, we can say that the hexylresorcinol prevents the melanocyte act!

You have seen in Special Beauty of which we have spoken here as the center Felicidad Carrera, how it is now time to start treating blemishes, pigmentation, how to protect our skin before the ravages of the sun although use high protection. Cleaning, that a recent study has shown that the obsession of Korean women, perhaps best skin show in the world, is part of the new line, specifically has two cleaners to start treating pigmentation from base; four products to light treatment, and two sunscreen.

Valmont cosméticos
Valmont cosméticos

The high cosmetic what is for many reasons and among them are the rituals. A routine that includes a cleaning Mouse, a tonic, a serum to clarify, a brush to bring light, a moisturizer and mask, along with high protection emulsion can not be more than a luxury we do not want to do without. And yes, also has a more professional treatment, Eclat des Glaces is especially recommended for those who want to control pigmentary skin disorders, even the most fragile and delicate skin.

This professional treatment uses products of Light Expert range and exclusive Valmont to return the skin a youthful, luminous appearance. Among my favorites is their body to prepare the body for spring scrub, but we’ll talk another day. Some say that Valmont products transport you to the mountains, Switzerland, and its aromas are unmistakable. I can not agree more. The new range will be available in April.

The Valmont Group since 1985, helps women and men to control the signs of aging with cosmetic anti-aging treatment line, and lines of treatment seeking care are added every need. Heirs of Swiss medical tradition, Valmont’s incredible natural resources extracted from their homeland, and their latest advances in cellular cosmetics to develop anti-aging care proficient with visible and lasting effectiveness. The group was surrounded by the best experts to compose his extraordinary lines, a subtle alliance between refinement and efficiency of rejuvenation. It is present in the best spas in the world, as in the Plaza Hotel in New York, opened in 2013 and has already become a landmark in the city. In Barcelona, has its own space where Valmont describe the universe.

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