The Best Skin Care Line 2015

Why Consumers are Swapping High-End Cosmetic Products with High Tech Products?

Julia Urgel. 18/03/2015
Advanced Dermatology
Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Kit (Photo: Advanced Dermatology). Click to buy

Advanced Dermatology wins the best skin care line award for a second consecutive year from The Dermatology Review. The Dermatology Review reviewed and ranked Advanced Dermatology based on customer reviews, product innovation, and, of course, client results. One of the most prestigious awards in the industry, Advanced Dermatology is honored to have been awarded this distinction.According to The Dermatology Review, «Advanced Dermatology excelled over its peers due to its revolutionary product formulations that consistently deliver remarkable results».

«Advanced Dermatology products utilize high tech ingredients like growth factors, peptides and stem cells. Many of which were only recently discovered. The key to Advanced Dermatology’s product formulation is the clinical concentration in which these ingredients are used. Their products not only contain good functional ingredients, but they are used in ultra effective concentrations. When we compare this to high end products that contain only a small concentrations of these ingredients for label purposes, Advanced Dermatology is able to deliver more».

Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Kit
Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Kit (PRNewsFoto/Advanced Dermatology). Click to buy

«Ordinarily, cosmetic manufacturers add trace amounts of active ingredients. Why? There is the issue of cost. Yes, these types of ingredients are obscenely expensive. But, the primary reason is due to the fact that active ingredients can irritate the skin. Think redness, peeling and breakouts. But, when this occurs it is usually very mild and resolves within one to two weeks. This is why high end products avoid these ingredients».

Consumers are becoming more educated and understand that in order to achieve real results they need to forgo vanity ingredients for functional ingredients. By vanity ingredients, we are referring to ingredients like specific silicones that give the product a silky texture and synthetic fragrances that offer a pleasurable sensory experience.


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