The Big Mistake About Miracle Diets

There are hundreds of diets promising us to lose kilos with no effort and in a short period of time, but we have to be careful with them.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 28/10/2015

Sometimes our smile becomes the biggest forgotten when going through a losing weight diet and the consequences can be really damaging for our oral health. During the year there are many repeated purposes, the most frequent are: stop smoking, going to the gym or losing weight and reshape our body. This last one is the most common.

When starting a diet, most of the people do it with no control, avoiding food, following hyper-protein diets, among different dangerous routines and they forget that a healthy diet has to be rich and varied. But, why is it usual to draw on this kind of diets?


Miracle diets promise us losing a big amount of kilos in a short period of time and it sounds fast and easy, which leads us to forget about our wonderful Mediterranean diet. Due to our lack of time and constancy, a lot of people decide to choose hyper protein diets to get back their figure.

Hyper protein diets are based in the exclusive ingest of food rich in protein, decreasing sugars and fats that sometimes cause adverse reactions. This loose of weight is faster than the low calorie diets, which are the most demanded. It is a mistake to follow restrictive diets with an unbalanced food intakes or caloric contain.

Las dietas suelen eliminar alimentos que van bien para nuestra salud bucal
Diets tend to eliminate foods that benefit our oral health

Everyone should know that a diet without the necessary balance and without the nutrients that our organism requires can generate important health problems in our mouth.

  • Many of these diets avoid dairies: milk, yogurt and cheese, causing a lack of calcium which increases the risk of suffering caries or periodontal illness.
  • An incorrect diet modifies the anti-bacterial characteristics of our saliva. This permits the periodontal illness, to go forward even faster.
  • The lack of vitamins or magnesium can modify the tissues of our gums and bones. The periodontal ligament and the maxillary bone (the ones holding our teeth) in special if they keep a progressive weakness can actually cause the loose of all teeth.
Una dieta equilibrada y el ejercicio físico, bases de una buena salud
A balanced diet and physical exercise, bases of good health

So that, before starting any diet, visit the specialist to guide you. A balanced diet must contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Try to avoid animal fats and try to have sugars and carbohydrates but not saturated. It is preferable to keep a healthy and balanced diet and practice some exercise to maintain your oral health while you keep your desired weight.

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