The Invisible Enemy

There are many factors that contribute to creating free radicals: pollution, tobacco, processed foods, sugar, the sun's rays, stress... But do you really know what they are, what causes them and how you can fight them?

The Luxonomist. 12/05/2016

Let’s start with a few basic concepts: our cells are formed by a combination of countless different molecules; molecules are groups of atoms; and atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.

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Having said this, a free radical is an atom, or a group of atoms, that has lost an electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. To restore its lost stability it very quickly and easily takes the electron it needs from the atoms of other molecules. The «victims» then turn into free radicals themselves and go on to rob electrons from other nearby atoms. This can cause a chain reaction known as oxidative stress -removing electrons from a molecule oxidizes the molecule.

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Everything makes sense so far, right? So… why are free radicals so bad? In reality, our own bodies’ normal processes, such as breathing, metabolizing food or exercising, produce free radicals. The problem appears when we are subjected to sustained, excessive oxidation. Our own biological defense mechanisms are unable to neutralize so many free radicals, so they end up affecting our cells and damaging them. They stop working properly and, as a result, premature aging and even certain diseases such as cancer, cataracts or arteriosclerosis may occur.

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In addition, you can also protect your skin by giving it antioxidants directly. Make sure your cosmetics include a good concentration of the appropriate components; they will not only help you repair the oxidative damage that your skin has been subjected to up until now, but will also preserve your beauty in the future. And since the sun’s rays are a major manufacturer of free radicals, the best way to prevent their negative effects is to use sunscreen every day!

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At Natura Bissé we have created 5 sunscreens that comprehensively defend and treat your skin, not just to avoid absorbing the sun’s rays, but also to provide the most effective active ingredients that prevent the formation of free radicals, such as Macro-Antoxidants. Different textures and different SPFs allow each skin type to find the right one. And remember that to keep skin looking young, preventing and fighting cellular oxidation is essential.


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