The most expensive men’s perfume world

We speak in The Luxonomist with the founder and CEO of the firm House of Sillage, Nicole Mather.

Laura Martín. 15/10/2015

We speak in The Luxonomist with the founder and CEO of the firm House of Sillage, Nicole Mather, who after visiting Spain to present his new collection of perfumes, has been touring around the globe to raise awareness of the new releases.

A working woman, female hyper, with passion for detail, she has devoted most of his time to us to know how closely the process of creating a new perfume, how inspired, how are its perfumes sculpture, and how and men are part of a growing universe of exclusive beauty. In fact, today we know what the world’s most expensive men’s perfume.

Nicole Mather
Nicole Mather

The Luxonomist: You were working in financial companies for several years and you decided to start your own business in the area of perfumes. When did you decide to change your mind leaving an apparently safe and stable sector to start producing the most expensive perfumes of the world?
Nicole Mather: I have always had a love for beautiful things. I wanted to combine this with my fascination for old world heritage in haute parfum making. I created a collection that surpassed the normal expectations of luxury while still keeping true to the craftsmanship and artisanal touch of classic haute parfum. I learned in my previous experience that nothing worth having comes easy. Working hard is the best asset you can have in business. Business is business at the end of the day, no matter what industry it is in. A successful business will never exist without a passionate, hard-working team behind it.

TL: Beauty for men is booming. What’s your inspiration for your men perfume? Your inspiration does it have name and face?
NM: I take inspiration from all aspects of my life and the things that I encounter in the world around me. Every fragrance at House of Sillage has a story, whether it be a moment in time or a place that I hold dear to my heart. Each story is uniquely inspired by various moments in my life, and each story entirely reflects the exquisiteness of the fragrance and packaging.

House of Sillage
House of Sillage

TL: Hauts Bijoux and Passion de l’Amour are collector’s pieces, like a works of art. Have continent and container the same importance?
NM: Quality is the most important aspect at House of Sillage. I strive to create a luxury experience and product unlike any other, with no expense or detail spared. We only use the best of the best in essential oils used for our fragrances and premium materials for our bottles. I have carefully selected everything about our product, from the perfume itself, to the hand-polished French glass. I wanted all the elements to come together and make something breathtaking and truly spectacular.

TL: I’ve heard that packaging is as important as the perfume ¿ Do you agree? Your perfumes are not finished until you have not finished the last detail of decoration?
NM: I wanted House of Sillage to be unlike anything else you can find in the marketplace. Every detail holds the utmost importance for me; from fragrance to packaging, it must all come together at the end of the process to be something truly magnificent.

Dignified Privée
Dignified Privée

TL: Who is the designer?
NM: The creation process is what I enjoy the most. All the designs come from my personal inspiration. I could be anywhere in the world when the beginnings of a new product strike me. I have these moments quite often, and every detail is carefully curated and chosen with this inspiration in mind.

TL: Dignified Privée has an impressive presence, it’s a perfume completely masculine, for a strong man and with a magnificent decoration. ¿What will be the scent of the men who choose this perfume?
NM: Dignified was created for the man who provokes envy and admiration; a new class of man who cares deeply to distinguish his life and the story behind it. This fragrance is a portrayal of the men of the world who take time to remember why they have everything. It is a call to action for these men to embody a true sense of masculinity and to live for greatness.

House of Sillage
House of Sillage

TL: Is still Benevolence your daily perfume? Which one would you recommend to use daily? For a first date? For an special event?
NM: I don’t necessarily have a favorite scent. In general, I adore the contrast of purity and complexity found in a perfect note of vanilla. I feel that fragrance is a personal experience. Everything from selecting the scent that fits you best, to how and when to wear it. I always say that it has to feel right for the person wearing it; whether they choose to wear a certain fragrance at one point in time versus another is completely up to them.

TL: The bottles are like luxury cupcakes. It would be possible collect all of them just to exhibit them instead of using them?
NM: We have many collectors around the world who covet the opulence and magnificence of our fragrances and bottles. Our goal is to bring the brilliance of haute parfumerie to the world, and for House of Sillage to be known for its grandeur, timeless design and innovation.

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