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Fragrance Du Bois is an exquisite and unique fragrances that seek the elusive and the exceptional.

Du Bois Parfums, Paris
Du Bois Parfums, Paris . Click on the image for more information

Three collections – including a Limited Edition- and a Bespoke Edition, makes Du Bois one of the most extraordinaries parfumes in the world. The adornment of a bespoke scent is the ultimate luxury in perfumery. Fragrance Du Bois is the only fragrance house that uses its own signature, 100% pure and natural Oud, in all its formulations. Paired only with ingredients of the finest quality, all the elements converge to produce the perfect palette from which the artisan perfumer can conceive and begin the creative process, matching the fragrance with your innermost desires.

Like an artist, their perfumer will map, sketch, define and refine the olfactive notes that match your personal story, from refreshing bergamot to awe-inspiring woods, the sweetness of roses, and, of course, our signature, enigmatic Oud, which is at the heart of all our creations.

Fragrance Du Bois exercises the utmost discretion for all our clients; be they the quiet connoisseur, the world famous celebrity, or a royal family member. Each formulation is carefully catalogued and protected, remaining both a closely guarded secret, and, uniquely yours.

Du Bois Fragance, store. Photo: www.elitetraveler.com

All Du Bois fragances uses the so called «Oil of the Gods», the Oud oil. Oud has been prized for thousands of years and in ancient times was valued more highly than gold. Uses of Oud date back to prehistory, with references in the Bible, ancient Sanskrit and Persian texts.

Oud is derived from the dark resinous wood of an Aquilaria tree, this resin occurs in less than 7% of the trees in the wild. Pure Oud is therefore extremely precious and due to illegal logging, wild resources have been depleted. Since 2004, all species of the Aquilaria tree have been protected under the CITES convention.

Fragrance Du Bois does not condone the use of illegal sources of Oud. They only use pure oud oil in our fragrances which is produced from their plantation trees. They can guarantee that the oud is from a sustainable source as it is their own. Today, oud is still known as liquid gold, highly valued and traded in the Middle East and sought after by perfumers around the globe for its complex structure which brings incredible depth to a fragrance.

Established in Paris, France, Du Bois is also available in three boutiques located in Bangkok, Singapure and Kuala Lumpur in Malasya. There is no price available, and they don´t have e-commerce site.

Du Bois Fragances

Last week, Du Bois recognise the women who have made a positive impact on society in the Middle East. By sponsoring the Arab Woman Awards 2014 in the UAE – which is under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan – Fragrance Du Bois acknowledged the effort and commitment shown by extraordinary individuals in business, the arts, sports, fashion, the media, government and charitable enterprises. Fragrance Du Bois was delighted to present exquisite Oud-based fragrances to some of the women at the awards ceremony, cementing the brand’s position as the leading fragrance for influential individuals who help to shape today’s world.

Earlier in 2014, Fragrance Du Bois also sponsored the Arab Woman Awards inKuwaitandSaudi Arabia. Ms. Farah K Behbehani was an award recipient at the event inKuwait, and as a freelance graphic designer specialising in print and editorial design (as well as Arabic calligraphy), Fragrance Du Bois was delighted that an accolade should go to an individual who is focused on how tradition and culture can coexist with the modern world.


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