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Nieves Alvarez
Nieves Alvarez

In 1992 Nieves Alvarez was a finalist in the Elite Look of the Year competition (Elite Model Agency). From there she became one of the most recognized Spanish models and modeled for Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Hermes and Armani. She published «I beat anorexia» with Lola Cintado Tejada. She is married to Italian photographer Marco Severini, with whom she has three children.

Nieves Alvarez held a few days ago the First Communion of one of their children, and why not! She wears an impeccable outfit, as she usually does every time: time of day, type of event, as a guest or hostess.  The image Nieves Alvares and other famous serve me in today´s post to propose you different looks and tips as not only the type of skin, hair and eyes, but body shape and time of your life in which you find yourselves because normally we aren´t an international top model, renowned in different professional fields for over 23 years.

«For these worlds of God», where fashion is something rigid and exclusive, perfect figure is the hourglass. To it´s yours, right now, if you want a change, I give it. But if the appointment is in 15 days-for example, (we have services up on the same day), it´s important to dress for the occasion and then we’ll talk.

Nieves Alvarez photo look into the communion
Nieves Alvarez photo look into the communion of his son with white blouse Yves Saint Laurent

Nieves Alvarez is a woman who can be classified as Mediterranean with hourglass figure: dark hair, white / Mediterranean skin and forms. Marked waist.  In this picture looks a total look look white pants and shirt, sandals and wallet purse orange.

Chances are that her clothing is Stephane Rolland, for whom paraded masterfully in his latest collection spring summer 2015. Saint Laurent blouse elegant in fluid silk georgette. This piece has a clear finish, so I suggest a body silk tights under her blouse, as this Josie Natori photo.

Giorgio Armani
Josie Natori. Camisola white silk inside with adjustable straps. Giorgio Armani Pants S/S 2015

Josie Natori, Filipino designer who lives in New York became known for its elegant sleepwear very feminine. Giorgio Armani trousers in double sided crepe spandex, straight cut leg and frontal plane. Front pockets.

To finish the look, we present these Manolo Blahnik sandals. I’ll tell you a secret, high heel you estilizará lot with a total white in trousers, but to take on the instep strip so wide you will be comfy as all type slide shoes, but the concern if it makes the optical effect of legs less slender and have not you wear pants and not seen.

Blahnik and Loewe
Sandals without heel silver snake Blahnik and  Loewe Wedge Clutch Candy

And this wonderful design of Loewe (you have it in various colors). Despite its appearance is not at all uncomfortable, handles are loop. And do not worry about all, Loewe! . If someone has a post-sale service are impeccable -te them I say this from experience several occasions. Complete your look with colorful earrings and a large ring like these jewelry Rabat.

Earrings Rabat and Ring Rabat

I suggest you go to gemstones that give you bright and colorful and not lost in your hair, avoid the cold tones except- diamonds and white pearls- such as brown, gray and black.  Don´t wear any collar. You wear a tie!

Blake Lavely has earned an important place in the fashion world because her «Old Hollywood» style. In 2013, she appeared in a video of the campaign Gucci «Chime for Change,» which aims to raise funds and awareness of the problems of women in terms of education, health and justice. In December 2014 she became the mother of a girl.

Blake Lavely
Blake Lavely pregnant in 2014 cancer gala.

Blake Lavely´s looks during the months that have been pregnant have been a complete success, so much so that many of the items that have been used out to be published one picture of him wearing them. Look for pregnant, will combine with a type of «Nordic» woman, white skin, blond hair.

Our main objective is that besides you’re beautiful, you and your baby be comfortable too. You can not go wrong with a»A» dress or a cutting empire style, cut under the breast. Draped and folded are also very well and perfectly according progresses, you can adapt your tummy.

I love this Valentino S/S 2015.  Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals

I have chosen to talk to you about a few things that you must consider: With the tummy, front rise more so must make hemlines fit your current silhouette. Remember that you should sit and feel comfortably and correctly so also advise you to adjust the length of the dress.

Most Valentino dresses that you can get online normally have a rather short for real life long. Therefore I also advise you to do adjust the length to your height.  In store, I mean all the stores that sell Valentino, the vast majority of models have a long and friendly staff. Complete your look with a Tribute sandals. A classic sandals Saint Laurent Tribute but medium heel! In rose pale. You’ll feel comfortable and safe, with the very subject standing.

Fendi handbag. Clutch FF Fendi pale pink skin with folding top with magnetic closure, internal compartment with zipper logo patch on the inside and double F logo embroidered on the front. ‘Woven’ bracelet. Silver bracelet with rose gold bathroom design «fabric».

Fendi S/S 2015 / Christian bracelet Koban

Clip earrings, gilded with nacre. Chloe was the first fashion house to create a ready-to-wear line, with anatomical garments, soft, made of delicate fabrics. Its main characteristics are the sensual elegance, adding its British and sporty cool touch.

Clip earrings, gilded with nacre
Oscar de la Renta earrings. Chloé Ring ‘Square Darcey’ golden brass ring and pearls

Women with curves or large constitution have plenty of tricks at their disposal to be great. (If you need more, you can always contact me). I quote a few: The quality of clothes is essential. By quality we understand fabrics, cut and finish.  Less is always more.

Do you want a full closet, if nothing suits you and you is not one euro in the budget for clothes and accessories to address this important appointment.   I don´t mean garments about low price, but, poorly sewn, of unspeakable fabrics without any grace or style badly cut clothes, that when despise not serve or to remove dust the large number of synthetic compounds bearing.

  • Pure lines, close to the body draped, the carved.
  • Use long correct but not exaggerated.
  • Underwear will be a perfect partner.
  • Straighten your hair or your hairstyle-suited haircut.
  • Heels: «For every centímentro you upload’ve lost 5 kg,» reads a maxim that flows through the whole world.
Oprah Winfrey.

Always, each and every one of the shoes that anyone buy should be comfortable for the person who will lead, even with 16 cm heels. I say this quite seriously. Your feet should be considered support your weight on very little surface, therefore analyzes the shape of the heel and the shoe.

Let’s take a look for a person more or less than the age of Oprah, with curves and large constitution. Oprah simply has curves and a wide constitution. No handles to hide or untimely belly. But here we consider a real woman with curves, and their «stuff» to conceal. The look I propose if you’re invited to any of the most common events in this time of spring, is: Beautiful lace dress with discreet neckline, three-quarter sleeves styling and a tape that defines and frames your waistline.

Wearing lace dress
Tadashi Shoji Belted Lace Dress (Plus Size)

And I take and I tell you a secret. I have a particular hobby: I can not bear the sets! All matching bag dress shoes … I am appalled! Even when it was fashionable. Here I put it to look more harmonious and are not overly groundbreaking outfits. But I encourage you to put a «splash of color» as I like to call it, that does not necessarily mean something bizarre and outlandish that does not come to mind at all. But print your own label.

Nancy Gonzalez red Handbag
Shoes By Sergio Rossi / Nancy Gonzalez red Handbag

All of the prestigious Swiss firm Chopard, both for its watches and jewelry for their collections.  Successful Happy Diamonds collection is one of my favorite for its unique, fresh and fun design, only looking at one of the pieces in this collection you take life differently! So I propose:

Happy Bubbles, Choppard / Lace Ring Imperiale


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