Elizabeth II Makes History in Her 90 Birthday

The longest Queen of United Kingdom celebrates a very special anniversary for her and her subjects.

Adriana Rey. 22/04/2016

He ascended the throne in 1952, when Winston Churchill was prime minister and Britain still had domains in Africa and Asia. Elizabeth II at that time was 25 years old. Yesterday, it was 90 holding the title as the longest monarch in Britain, behind the Queen Victoria. «The boss», they call her grandchildren Princes William and Harry , «She has been a strong female influence and having lost my mother was very young , she has been particularly important to me to have had someone like the Queen in whom look at me»,  Duke of Cambridge said to Sky News.

Isabel II con sus bisnietos y nietos pequeños
The Queen with their great-grandchildren and young grandchildren

In these days of celebration and after hundreds of articles to commemorate this important date, we have known that iron health Queen is based on good nutrition. According to Darren McGrady, who was his personal chef , Elizabeth II dispenses starch at dinner: «no potatoes, no rice, no pasta». In addition, the monarch leaves daily exercise, trying to sleep 7 hours a day and keeps your work schedule with an enviable neatness. These are just some of the secrets of longevity that has been reflected in a historic photograph. The first with four generations of the British Monarchy and it will serve for a set of four stamps.

La Reina cumple 90 años en pleno momento álgido de la monarquía británica
The Queen celebrates 90 years at a good time for the British monarchy

In it, the Queen appears accompanied by her son Prince Charles, his grandson Prince William and his great-grandson Prince George (he helds the hand of his father and raised on a platform to be at the same height as the rest of the family). Follow this lovely image there are three more for which Queen Elizabeth II chose another queen, but in this case photography queen: Annie Leibovitz. The american woman was responsible for showing the nearest side of the the Queen in Windsor Castle (her favorite residence and the largest and oldest castle in the world).

La Reina y sus famosos cuatro perros
The Queen and her famous four dogs

In a first photograph, Elizabeth II poses with her four dogs Willow, Vulcan, Candy and Holly, a second image gives us the monarch with her five great-grandchildren and two younger grandchildren and instant third, with her only daughter, princess Royal, Anne of England. Closeness of a Queen blowing 90 candles in a private family dinner at Windsor after the Parliament will glow red, blue and white and the army fired 41 cannon salvos from Hyde Park and 62 from the Tower of London.

La Reina junto a su única hija Ana
The Queen and his only daughter Ana

The official celebration will take place in June with a military parade and a ‘picnic’ along The Mall to 10,000 guests. Each entrance cost 150 pounds (about 200 euros). The proceeds will go to the Patron’s Fund Foundation. Until that time, there are still others hold as Friday’s visit of President of the United States, Barack Obama, who will lunch with the Queen at Windsor Castle as hundreds of torches are lit across the country.

It is an important date and the truth is that it comes at a good time after learning of the latest polls of popularity of the British Royal Family, according to which only 17% of the population would prefer a republic, against 76% who declare themselves monarchists. Days before the birthday of the Queen, the newspaper «The Daily Telegraph» distributed free of charge a copy of 124 pages in honor of Elizabeth II, which for them is: «Our Glorious Queen».

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