Mollá, Zapata and the Art of Naturalness

There is love and respect between them.

Adriana Rey. 29/02/2016

He arrived in New York at the weekend coldest this winter and in the middle of New York Fashion Week. Its simplicity, typical of intelligent men, is just one of its many virtues, some obvious to the eye and other to be discovered with conversation and time. Jordi Mollá has made progress on two of the most complex branches of art: The film and painting, in both cases and in his life, one feeds the other. Films are carried him around the world, this year premieres two in the United States, ‘Term Life’ and ‘Criminal’, with Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman; for 20 years, in such promotional trips and shootings, inspiration accompanying him shaped brush. This is precisely the reason for our meeting with him, at the Hotel Gansevoort Meatpacking in the “Big Apple”.

Mollá 2
Jordi Mollá (Photo: M. Sullivan/Wire Image)

Dozens of people came to enjoy his latest proposals. Pictures where the woman is the main character: «I love women and I think women of the Renaissance were very modern and very contemporary. In my case are very pop Renaissance women; very American as well,»says Jordi. Los Angeles, Miami, Madrid or Venice, have been some of the scenarios that have enjoyed his artworks, his great companion: «It’s like having an invisible friend. You spend hours alone, but the truth is that it seems that you are escorted all the time. It is a wonderful therapy that I recommend everyone,»said Mollá, who while describing what painting means to him, turns to embrace another great friend.

Mollá 4
Antonio del Prete, Domingo Zapata y Jordi Mollá. (Photo: M. Sullivan/Wire Image)

Domingo Zapata is the host of the exhibition: «I love Jordi artwork. Jordi is pure inspiration for me is a great friend of mine, I love him. I wanted to come to New York because his work is really nice and it is very successful».There is love and respect between them. Both appreciate the simplicity of things because «in simplicity and humility is the success of everything you do”.

Mollá 3
Jordi Mollá and Johnny Depp. (Photo: M. Sullivan/Wire Image)

There are no sparks that might divert them from their path, nor the thousands of dollars paid by customers for their works, nor that its buyers are Leonardo Dicaprio, Benicio del Toro and Johnny Depp. Everything is much purer and the time puts us examples such as Mollá and Zapata, Zapata and Mollá. Both international artists. One with its endless smile and the other one with his childish maturity. Both winners, which used to seeing the most expensive luxuries daily, but prefer which one that cost much more: «Being happy is the most expensive luxury because it is the hardest», Zapata says.

Mollá 5
Paintings of Jordi Mollá (Photo: Foto Gtres)

«My daily luxury?» Mollá asked,«Siesta. Today I haven’t got it it and I’m like I’m missing something. Moreover, I have found that Google workers require them to take a nap in order to be more efficients. Siesta is for the wise people, people with a view to the future as well and for sure siesta is for the artists”.

(Featured Image:Pau Ros)


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