Babël: A combination of Music & Celebration

The Luxonomist interview Waël Mechri-Yver, founder of the Babel community, and it could be the successor of Andy Warhol in New York nightlife thanks to its spectacular events.

Neto Soberanes. 23/11/2015
Nos introducimos en el universo Warhol en pleno 2015 en NY

They say New York’s club scene is not what it used to be and with creative people arriving from all over the world it looks like someone might be up to the standards of an Andy Warhol’s soiree.  In the past couple of weeks I had the great pleasure to interview Waël Mechri-Yver one of the creators behind the magic of Babël New York. With such talented and young entrepreneur I can agree that his partiers are a mixture of indie music, fashion and art surrounding yourself by an exquisite quest list, great ambience and a night you will never forget.

Nuestro colaborador Neto Soberanes durante la entrevista con
Our partner Neto Soberanes during the interview with Waël Mechri-Yver.

Waël invited me to none other than Andy Warhol’s old loft in Soho (see I told you Andy would’ve come to his parties) to answer some doubts about such worthy events he hosts.

The Luxonomist: How did Babël came to be what it is today?
Waël Mechri-Yver: New York is the place where you have every single nationality, religion and believe system everyone working in peace together. The only moment that I could recall in the history of the world was before the Tower of Babël in the biblical times where people had one consciousness and one way of talking. Our goal was to bring people together and inspire them through music and art.

Antiguo loft de Andy Warhol en SoHo, Nueva York
Andy Warhol’s old loft in Soho

TL:  What’s new for Babël where do you see it going?
WM: After two years since we first started in May 2013 with my friends and then friends of a friend now that we have attracted different kinds of people we are ready for more. I think that the beauty of New York is that people are always coming and going and with Babël I’ve encountered many talented and creative people that are willing to participate and collaborate with us. It has been very inspiring and got very lucky to see people come together as a community. Now we are on the edge of opening our first house for Babël a community home to gather all our artists a place where others can call it home it’s a very exiting time for us!

Detalle de los tatuajes de Waël Mechri-Yver durante la entrevista en NY
Detail tattoos Waël Mechri-Yver during the interview in NY

TL:  When you talk about collaborations how do they get the approval?
WM: The idea is very simple, when we work together we can do things better so when you add music to painting, painting to lighting then the entire experience gets better for everybody so the more we work together the more magic is being created.


TL:  What’s the ultimate goal with Babël community?
WM: I want Babël to be an inspiring community, a place where you get ideas and act for the greater good of humanity. Realizing that we have more when we give and when we think of others instead of ourselves bringing people to understand that when we can do more when working together and if at the same time we can have great parties and celebrations I’m all for it.

Vivimos de primera mano uno de los mejores eventos de Nueva York
We live firsthand one of the best events in New York

So guys if you happen to be in New York don’t forget to check out a Babël event the whole experience is worth it and trust me you will find someone you have a thing or two in common.

(Pictures by: @iamgabriellagrum
Location: Andy Warhol’s old loft in SoHo New York
Wearing: Opening Ceremony sweatshirt, vintage scarf, Hudson jeans, Hollister denim jacket, Adidas super star and Chanel graffiti backpack)


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