«Paul McCartney is Elegance, Classy and Cool»

We talk about fashion, music and style with Julio Ramirez, guitarist of the famous Mexican band Reik.

Neto Soberanes. 04/03/2016

In my recent travels I had the amazing opportunity to visit Mexico City and while in Mexico, I was able to interview one of Mexico’s most prominent star. The one and only Julio Ramirez member of the musical group Reik. After talking a walk around Condesa we finally started digging into the important stuff here are some things I bet you didn’t know about Julio.

Nuestro colaborador paseando y charlando con Julio Ramírez en México
Neto Soberanes and Julio Ramírez.

The Luxonomist: How did your career begin?
Julio Ramírez: I met up with Jesus, the lead singer of Reik and we started making demos at age 16. Shortly after we were signed by Sony everything started escalating very quickly, we were very fortunate.

TL: How do you see the influence music has in fashion?
J.R: As music evolves, how you feel about a record, or how a specific melody makes you feel so does clothing. I really like to give a modern touch to my outfit and I think that is something reflected in my music.

Julio Ramírez se declara fan de The Beatles y de Morriccone
Julio Ramírez declares himself a fan of The Beatles and Morriccone

TL: Your favorite designer of the moment?
J.R: Right now I would have to say Cesar Arellanes, Mexican fashion designer from Chihuahua with more than 20 years working in Los Angeles proposing a very edgy vibe dressing Justin Bieber and Demi Lavatto among others. I think he will be dressing me for my tour and concerts I am a huge fan.

TL: What is the social network you like the most?
J.R: I like Instagram, a place where artistic people, photographers, models and especially bloggers work to have a voice in the industry. I think that in Instagram people tend to be more real to their persona and can freely express themselves.

Neto con camiseta Moschino, pantalones de piel Balmain, saco Topman, botas Roberto Cavalli y gafas Dior
Neto wears Moschino, Balmain, Topman, Roberto Cavalli and Dior creations.

TL: Favorite fashion city?
J.R: I think I need to travel more to decide, our music is heard in Mexico, USA, Central and South America. New York has always been one of the cities that have recently inspired me so much that I decided that someday I will live there just for the experience.

TL: Any fashion icons that inspire you?
J.R: Paul McCartney, he is elegance, classy, cool and love his music. He has a lot to offer and if by the age of 60 I look like that WOW.

TL: Any stories from you childhood you feel that changed you?
J.R: When I was in 5th grade I realize who was good looking and who wasn’t. I believed I was very handsome and actually started behaving very entitled as if my face would get my anywhere. The years went by I matured and realized that everything is fleeting and that beauty isn’t forever, there will always be someone better than you so never take things too seriously.

El guitarrista asegura que se perdería en San Diego
Guitarist says he’s happy in San Diego

TL: Where would you like to settle?
J.R: I am very homey I would happily grow a family in San Diego, California have my studio, go jogging on the beach. My parents will still be very close that’s very important to me a traditional part that always will be with me.

TL: What would be the soundtrack of your life right now?
J.R: Any Beatle’s album but I do have a very special one. Ennio Morricone – Love Theme, I never get tired of listening I really encourage you to hear it.

TL: Restaurant?
J.R: Finca Altozano.

TL: Vacation spot?
J.R: Ensenada Baja California, El Valle de Guadalupe.

TL: Guilty pleasure?
J.R:  Desserts.

Como casi todos, Julio no puede vivir sin su móvil y adora los postres
Julio can’t live without your smartphone and loves desserts

TL: 3 things you always have with you?
J.R: My phone, my wallet and my headphones.

TL: You cannot live without?
J.R: My guitar.

TL: Book or movie?
J.R: Movie.

TL: Day or night?
J.R: Night.

TL: White or black?
J.R: Black.

Julio lleva más de 16 años en el mundo de la música
Julio has more than 16 years in the world of music

TL: Tea or coffee?
J.R: Black coffee without sugar please.

TL: Pop or rock?
J.R: Pop.

TL: Paper or digital?
J.R: Paper.

TL: Sparkling or tap water?
J.R: Tap water.

TL: Black or milk chocolate?
J.R: Milk, cookies and cream from Hershey’s.

Neto ha sometido a Julio a un divertido test para conocerle mejor
Neto Soberanes / Julio Ramírez

TL: Dogs or cats?
J.R: None but I prefer dogs LOL.

TL: Indoors or outdoors?
J.R: Outdoors.

TL: Sunrise or sunset?
J.R: Sunset.

TL: Wine or beer?
J.R: Wine, no both I am very interested in craft beer.

TL: Sweet or salty?
J.R: Both.

TL: Burger or salad?
J.R: Burger 100%.

Talento y creatividad se unen en este guitarrista mexicano
Talent and creativity come together in this Mexican guitarist

Here you have it guys, so if you like music in Spanish go check out Reik they have amazing songs and great videos for you to enjoy.

Neto wearing: Moschino Tshirt, Balmain Leather Pants, Topman Blazer, Roberto Cavalli Booties, and Dior Sunnies
Julio wearing: Cesar Arellanes Top, H&M Jeans, Chloe Sunnies, and Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers
Pics by: The Joaquin Castillo

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