And the Oscar goes to… The Jewels!

The red carpet began with diamond earrings that gave way to unique and remarkable pieces previously seen only on members of Royal families

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Cate Blanchett. Photo:

The Oscars ceremony is at its 87th edition and we can finally conclude that finally celebrities, their stylists and jewelry brands worldwide have succeeded in choosing the jewelry pieces for the event. To the extent that it has been quite challenging for me to spot jewelry pieces I wasn’t fond of rather than the ones that perfectly match and highlight the beauty of the women wearing them. Fotos de:
Margot Robbie. Photo:

The red carpet began with diamond earrings that gave way to unique and remarkable pieces previously seen only on members of Royal families. «This necklace is worth more than my life» stated Australian actress Margot Robbie and with this sentence I’ll proceed with the best and worst jewelry looks of the 87th academy award ceremony.

Margot Robbie wears a Van Cleef and Arpels handmade necklace, also known as the ‘zipper necklace’ that was property of the Windsor Dukes in 1938. It is made of 18 carats gold, 150 diamonds and more than 300 sapphire. Its value rounds one and half million dollars. fotos de:
Anna Kendrick. Photo:

Cate Blanchet with a maxi necklace of turquoises and aquamarine by Tiffany&Co, shows us how to make a little black dress unique even if the designer is John Galliano.

Anna Kendrick represents the best combination of haute couture and jewelry, with a 5 lines diamond enlaced with her dress. The matching earrings marquis cut and pear shaped of at least 13 carats. fotos de:
Scarlett Johansson. Photo:

The worst jewelry looks:
Scarlett Johansson wants to call the attention and she won it with the ‘Christmas tree’ nickname. Regardless her extravagant outfit, in my opinion, Scarlett did not combine the two jewelry pieces elegantly. An overcharged emeralds necklace draws away the attention from the Piaget earrings and from Scarlett herself. The earrings in pink 18 carats gold, diamonds, emeralds, aquamarine and tourmaline would have been enough to complete her look.

Lupita Nyong´o. Photo:

Lupita Nyong’o with a Calvin Klein jewelry dress, how is it considered a jewelry dress if it made by both real and fake pearls?

Nicole Kidman always wants to demonstrate her strong presence on the red carpet by using pieces that stand out. This year she chose Harry Winston and wore diamonds worth 7 million dollars. Nicole’s overall impression proves the point that it is not the value of the jewels but to find the perfect jewelry match to a woman’s beauty, style and personality.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman. Photo:

And the Oscar goes to … The Jewels!


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