My New Bracelet

I am not a very jewelry fan, but my dad just bought me a "Real Thing".

By María. 24/02/2015
Jessica Biel and Naomi Watts with snake jewelry

My dad just came back from a work trip, and guess what?, Instead of buying me a T-shrit (with no fashion-sense) or a toy (I am already nine & half), he decided by himself to buy for me bracelet. A real piece of jewelry, a Bulgari bracelet. It is a black leather strap and snake head. The tooth goes thorough holes on the strap so it will stay on. The head is made of gold and melted emerald rock white and black colors  of deep wide gold. Pretty, right? It will match with almost any look so it´s very useful. Thanks Dad!

These is my very first piece of jewelry – well it is not very, very jewelry because is for pre-teens and for teens, but it´s from a real jewelry firm. A very well known one. The Italian company own by French LVMH Group -that´s my mom tip-. So I went to see how important is my bracelet on internet. And I found that Bulgari is getting hot, hot, hot this Spring.

Snake brazelet, Bvlgari. Make clic to buy it

I seams to me that every celeb in the world had a picture with a dozens brilliant diamonds snake necklace (witch is horrible by the way). Naomi Wats wore it in 2015 Golden Globes, same day Sienna Miller also shows  up with the snake around her neck. Top Model Nieves Álvarez also wore it in 2014 in Cannes, and Jessica Biel, and Carla Bruni, and even in yesterday´s Oscar Rita Ora wore it while singing «Grateful from Beyond the Lights».

I must say at this point that my bracelet is much, much beautiful – even my snake-, fortunately nothing to do with the «other sneak». Actually during my internet research I saw a handbag also green and black with the snake head on it pretty nice for day and night. My big sister get the same bracelet in red – mine its nicer and more useful, black matches with everything. Anyway, Bulgari has an internet website open 24 hours where you can open the doors to brilliant beauty if you are into this. 


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