Valentine: 3 Ideas for a Luxury Plan

Celebrate Valentine's Day by living an unforgettable day with your dog.

The consumption of experiences compared to material things is gaining a very important part, mainly in the luxury market. It’s something we’ve known for a long time. Today I propose some ideas in case you really want to celebrate Valentine’s with your pet. They are not excluding plans, so you can invite your partner or that special someone who is more than a friend and enjoy all together.

1.- Pet friendly Hotel
The idea of going a weekend to rest or to change of air to one of them surely you have already tried it. But, have you ever been to a pet friendly city hotel, even in your own city and sightseeing with your dog? It is a really interesting experience that I advise. Among the amenities offered by these hotels are: dog bed (some King size), even feeders, strap and collar, treats and special gourmet food.

Pet Hotels. Specializing in pet friendly hotels

Fortunately, there are more and more in every city in the world as well as in rural areas or on the beach. In Spain, as it could not be otherwise, we continue to place ourselves at the forefront of tourism, the good tourism. Fortunately we have come back to understand the importance that it have in the generation of income for our country and more from this year than all the world ranks it places like the third favorite country like destiny. In terms of pet friendly hotels, Spain is the Country of the world with the highest concentration of them per animal. And what quality!

Urban hotels that accept even big pets and offer up concierge service for your them.

Did you know that there is even an overweight pet hotel where they can low it under veterinary supervision? Even some of these hotels have a solidarity program with which they have already finished conquering me: They donate part of the income from rooms used by pets to associations that help animals in worse circumstances.

Harrods Pet spa

2.- Spa
The spa has become almost essential in our lives. By spa we no longer understand only what it really means: «salutem per aquam», but all kinds of beauty and relaxation treatments that manage to make us feel good. There are pet friendly spa, many of them located in hotels of that category in which they provide different massages and hairdresser. You can give yourself a simultaneous session of relaxation.

The dogs thank you very much for a good massage.

In the pet-specific spa you can find a whole circuit of well-being, hairdressing, different natural therapies like hydromassage cabin to tone the muscles (we have already seen in several articles how beneficial it results) or a bath with oil rich in ozone to oxygenate the skin and eliminate the skin, among others. At the most of Pet Spa you can find high quality products to make a gift like a special relaxing music cd for animals, baskets with gourmet food and beauty products for home.

Ask for a sushi for you and your pet, if you don’t like cooking.

3.- Special food
In the vast majority of cultures, the human  is accustomed to celebrating a special meal with his loved ones, with his friends, with his business colleagues. It is a very important point in the market for pets, the food sector. In all segments, more and more quality is demanded and even everyone is willing to pay something more for it. In this food sector are also included  treats that also play a certainly important role in the training of your dog.

Book of recipes for dogs. Some are delicious even for you.

You may love to cook, buy a recipe book for dogs or cats (it is very important that you differentiate the food for both), and make a special dish for him, make yourself your favorite food and give yourself a feast with blanket, nap and sofa.

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