America’s First Premium Shimmery Liqueur Brand

Viniq, America's first premium shimmery liqueur, was introduced in May of 2014. An innovative product that tastes and looks great, Viniq is a fusion of premium vodka, Moscato, natural fruit flavors and a one-of-a-kind shimmer.

The Luxonomist. 13/05/2015
Viniq Ruby
Viniq Ruby. Click to buy

Viniq®Ruby, E. & J. Gallo’s newest addition to its collection of shimmery liqueurs, is now available nationwide. The refreshing, ruby red liqueur is a delicious fusion of premium vodka, Moscato, natural fruit flavors of strawberry, red berry, and orange citrus with the one-of-a-kind Viniq shimmer. The result is a mouth-watering blend of ingredients that creates the quintessential drink for any occasion needing a touch of glamour.

The launch of Viniq®, America’s first shimmery liqueur, exceeded initial goals and generated consumer excitement far surpassing expectations. In response to mass consumer excitement and demand, the brand has expanded its flavor portfolio to include the new Ruby flavor; offering on-trend millennial consumers a stylish twist to their new favorite liqueur.

Viniq Ruby 2
Viniq Ruby. Click to buy

The shimmer in Viniq Ruby is the same ingredient that gives frosting its shine or rock candy its sparkle, making it the ultimate style accessory for any cocktail or special occasion. Viniq Ruby can be enjoyed straight on the rocks, poured as a delicious mixer, or with a splash of your favorite sparkling wine. Viniq Ruby is highly mixable, and offerings like the Ruby Drop and Viniq Cosmo are sure to be on the A-list of summer cocktails that taste great, and look glamorous!

Viniq 2
Viniq Original. Click to buy

«Due to the unprecedented growth of Viniq Premium Shimmery Liqueur, E. & J. Gallo will expand Viniq offerings to meet the on-trend consumer’s desire for fun and innovative flavors. Viniq is a truly unique offering, with superior taste, an alluring package, and our one-of-a-kind shimmer as point of difference,» saysGerard Thoukis, Viniq Senior Director of Marketing. «Fusing the sweet, fruity flavor of red berries with premium vodka makes this is one of our most exciting flavor launches.»

Established in 1933 inModesto, California, byErnest and Julio Gallo, E. & J. Gallo has become the world’s largest winery and the foremost winery in the art of grape growing, winemaking, distribution, and marketing of wines. With nine wineries strategically located in wine regions in bothCaliforniaandWashingtonand access to grapes from vineyards in all of the premier grape-growing areas of both states, Gallo produces wines in every category, to suit every taste. In addition, Gallo imports wines from fourteen wineries around the world.

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