Champagne & Oysters, a Lustful Combination

Such an aphrodisiac pairing needs a certain amount of creativity…

Isabel Chuecos-Ruiz. 12/07/2016

Arguably oysters and champagne, icons of glamor and pleasure, are the epitome of the perfect combination that has been a classic since the nineteenth century. The versatility of champagne as an accompaniment to dishes is excellent, and when we asked for the perfect match for this sparkling wine many things spring to mind, but it is curious that we all think of oysters. The pairing works in contrast or affinity, in the case of champagne and oysters there is a clear contrast of textures, where salinity and the meatiness of the oyster combines very well with the freshness, the bubbles and acidity of champagne, degreasing the mouth and leaving an explosive feeling.

Las ostras tienen un poder desengrasante
Oysters and champagne make a good couple.

This marriage of social resonance, is a perfect pairing, combining two aspects that fit in perfect harmony, with the champagne there is not an attempt to destroy the qualities of the oyster, and neither the oyster is subordinated to the freshness of the champagne, but one element enhances the other. Two jewels of gastronomy where pleasure is the key element in this deliberate combination. An extravagant and aphrodisiac marriage needs a certain amount of creativity and I’m not exaggerating when I say that for me it is a spiritual marriage, for that I refer to Rafael Argullol who says: ‘Spirituality is the stage at which we access when the bow of sensuality it has been put in maximum tension’.

La forma de la ostra también es considerada como afrodisiaca
The shape oyster is also considered as aphrodisiac

In other words, between the sea and the bubbles there is a complicity that becomes an exciting exercise of taste. The aphrodisiac facet of bivalve mollusc with certain nutritional properties as iodine, zinc, that only refined palates can appreciate. It is also worth mentioning the active and dynamic capacity of sparkling wine in the mouth.

Champ 1
My recommendation is a Blanc de Blancs. Click to buy

We get an outcome where imagination triumphs and creates expectations among diners. This is my proposal: natural oysters that combine with a young vintage champagne, light and vibrant like Blanc de Blancs with good acidity, without dosage, served at a temperature of 6-8°C. Oysters and Champagne, a marriage not intended to please everyone, so the consumer must be seduced and willing to accept the challenge…

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