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Importer says SNO™, the naturally Nitrate Free and High in Oxygen Ultra-Premium Glacier Water From Iceland is Best Bottled Water For Kids and Expectant Moms

The Luxonomist. 11/08/2015
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SNO Pure natural Glacier Water. Click for more information

Importer of SNO™, the only certified glacier water from Iceland, said it’s going to make it SNO™ for kids in hospitals this summer, starting at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

SNO™ is donating its ultra-premium water to children’s hospitals nationwide because it’s the purest water for kids and expectant moms due to its high oxygen content, zero nitrates and other natural pure qualities. Unlike other bottled waters coming from below ground, SNO™ coming from above ground is much more unlikely to be contaminated.

«Filtered naturally through layers of volcanic lava rock, SNO is the best water for children and expectant mothers and some would say the only acceptable water for young children,» said Tom Madden, former NBC Vice President who is a member of SNO’s Board of Advisors.

SNO also was shown to be a water whose natural taste children prefer, according to taste tests conducted by the not-for-profit organization, Kid Critics.  «Because of its glacier pure pedigree, parents will also have much less to worry about,» the company said. Because SNO bottled water comes from above ground, it’s unlikely to be contaminated as opposed to water coming from reservoirs or underground sources, which have increasing levels of nitrates and other contaminants.

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SNO Pure natural Glacier Water. Click for more information

Citing how several supermarket chains recently had to recall their branded bottled water in California due to potential E. coli contamination, importers of SNO Glacier Water from Iceland suggest maybe it’s time to drink water from above ground like SNO, now sold in many supermarkets in California, including Bristol Farms, Safeway and at other locations throughout the U.S..   Recently, a leading private-label water bottling company, reported that E. coli bacteria was found in one of its spring water sources.

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SNO Pure natural Glacier Water. Click for more information

SNO™ Pure natural Glacier Water hails from 20,000-year-old glacier where it’s filtered naturally through layers of volcanic lava rock, giving it the purity, natural balance and crisp, clean, refreshing taste no other bottled water comes even close to delivering. SNO’s high oxygen content, healthy body neutral 7.4 pH and pure mineral balance TDS 52 captures the full wonders of glacier water and has zero nitrates.

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