Five Capital for a Unique Wine

Five cities, all with a rich historical heritage, competing for the title of 'Capital of the Champagne'.

Isabel Chuecos-Ruiz. 21/04/2015
Epernay entrance. Make clic to buy zone products
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Five cities, all with a rich historical heritage, competing for the title of ‘Capital of the Champagne’.

Reims: The northern capital of the Champagne.
Reims, as well as being the economic capital, has always been known for the famous Notre Dame de Reims, a cathedral of catholic worship in which the frankish warrior Clovis was baptized and crowned as the first King of France. Since 898, all the kings of France were crowned in Reims. The city is dug by of impressive tunnels of chalk from the Gallo-Roman era, used today by the most recognized Maisons of Champagne. Here in the Montagne de Reims is located one of the four best wine terroirs of the region.

Chalons-en-Champagne: The eastern capital of the Champagne.
Chalons-en-Champagne administrative capital, was an important trading center of the axis connecting the Mediterranean to the North Sea. The production of the terroirs of the Côte des Blancs are near Chalons-en-Champagne where are located some of the most recognized brands of French sparkling.

Epernay entrance. Make clic to buy zone products
Epernay entrance. Make clic to buy local products

Épernay: The capital of the heart of the Champagne.
Épernay committed to its traditional role as ‘capital of the Champagne’ is a small city of 25,000 inhabitants where converge the most representative champagne brands as well as the headquarters of the vignerons union. The cult of Dom Pérignon, in Moet & Chandon located on the Avenue of Champagne, remains fervent among all those who work in the wine sector.

Chateau-Thierry: The western capital of the Champagne.
Chateau-Thierry is the literary capital of Champagne. It dates back to the Gallo-Roman era, and was an important stronghold County Champagne. The production of wine terroirs of the Vallée de la Marne near Chateau-Thierry contributes to increase the list of major brands of champagne.

Houses in Troyes. Make clic to buy local products
Houses in Troyes. Make clic to buy local products

Troyes: The southern capital of the Champagne.
Troyes, historic capital, was the city of the Counts of Champagne, of the poet Chrétien de Troyes and of the founder of the famous Knights Templar. These multiple relics confirm the historical link of Troyes, famous for its medieval fairs. The region has wines produced in the terroirs Côte des Bar between Bar-sur-Seine and Bar-sur-Aube and as well as the Montgueux Hill, 12 km from Troyes.

All these capitals share a common point. All of them celebrates St. Vicente the patron saint of winegrowers in Champagne since the fifth century.



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