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José Carlos Álvarez. 30/03/2015
La Grande Anne, Bollinger
La Grande Anne, Bollinger
La Grande Anne, Bollinger. Click to buy

I still remember the call from my friend Mauro Alberto García, an spring afternoon in 2009; I was driving back home on Highway N-122, which vertebra from East to West, the vineyards of the DO Ribera del Duero, with the sun at twilight and nearly blinded by the reflection, picked up the phone, Hi Joseph, I am preparing a very different tasting others, called me Chris, an American journalist who wants to tell you, Chris, ask us a different vision of our wines, winemakers want to know not only as creators of wine winemakers or not, wants to know what wine would be: «we would have been able develop»

Phew!! This course is not never taught me; a correspondent unusual, someone who is not seeking my wine, looking for my dream ? is not so in Spain is understood as a journalist specializing in wines rated … For hands-on, self-therapy. I started by making an assessment of myself, to remember my training as a winemaker, to think big feelings I’ve felt in my professional life with those wines that reach the soul, which even remember, to think of them, to recover emotions, images and recollections of all the wines I’ve tasted in my life … One of them want to share it with you today.

Lilly Bollinger
Lilly Bollinger. Click to know more

Thus there I applied with my bottle under his arm, because it was very heavy magnum format: Champagne Bollinger Great Année Millesimé 1999 Magnum. Not the best Champagne I’ve made in my life but it is the one I was excited, not only for the pleasure of tasting it, but the philosophy of the spirit of processing.

Lilly: Madame Elisabeth Bollinger (1899- 1977), decided to devote the best vintages from the winery to its workers, in recognition of the effort and sacrifice that only the conjunction of good work, climate, soil, and the hand of God, make some vintages are excellent … This vintage 1999 Anne Grande is prepared with 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Chardonnay. In my notebook tasting I transcribe what I noted then:

«Bright golden yellow and clean, almost no bubbles rosary is perceived very slow and deliberate. On the nose, from the stillness of the cup, appreciation notes similar to the aroma of baking cookies Mary, who are giving way to a cold and intense freshness of ripe oranges peel and orange blossoms, minted again for the warm scent the warm butter reminiscent fine pastries fresh from the oven.

La Grande Année, Bollinger
La Grande Année, Bollinger. Click to buy

After stirring the glass shades become more fresh with notes of citrus and ripe lemon compote, dry skin of peach and white flowers, many white flowers like orange blossom, stamens and Verbena Neroli blossom …. ripe apricots, sweet almond marzipan and honey.

In the mouth, air is made, it is a liquid that evaporates in many flavors, a soft entry and a voluminous creamy, elegant, travel with a very thin greasy texture, with a pleasant aftertaste of nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), citrus and after swallowing, scented air, invites us to take another sip, but with a clear conscience is not spiritual materials , the second sip, «I would’ve swallowed faster so that it does not become a dream. «

Madame Bollinger writes in his memoirs about his big anné: «I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I accompanied I consider it obligatory. As with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I have the other. Otherwise I do not drink unless thirsty».

Tapón La Grande Année, Bollinger
La Grande Année, Bollinger. Click to buy

I’ve only met one person with the ability to make the best articles enology, someone able to make an interesting request within the world of wine, never a journalist for the wine means had this idea !!!

The fact that a media professional look something so different, a bit selfish but, deep down, want to compare and evaluate your work against your idols, means, if you think deeply, you undress your soul, that you propose something that you’re proud to have signed, something that you would work and would attempt to convey to each consumer, that journalist is Chris Fleming …

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