L´Alsace white wines

Among the Damasco Rose´s and blooming honeysuckles.

José Carlos Álvarez. 23/03/2015
Prowein 2015
Prowein 2015

I just landed on decks after a grueling week in Dusseldorf, which can be said is one of the most important wine fairs in the world, PROWEIN. The data you provided the organization amounted to a participation of 4,830 exhibitors from 47 countries and over 49,000 visitors from around the globe.

The pavilions for countries and within them by regions and appellations of origin were scattered, the order was Germanic. In these first letters I not making apology for the opulence of the big producers, with those Stands macro-metric, loaded with lights and shelves, luxurious armchairs and elegant hostess full of glamor.

The little time that allowed me to leave my stand, I went to visit those small producers who have a shared stand or traveling in a group with our community, those who have 12 square meters, exactly like our neighbor and all differentiates us and we can compete is with the quality of our wines and sympathy.

Prowein 2015
Prowein 2015

For walking in the hall 11, I went a little shy, if anything, one of those stands, between my English and my French, I present and I started talking with a middle-aged woman who did not suit stewardess and not wearing almost makeup, after the credentials offered me a white wine in little doses, as if it were a jewel, and when inspired all the perfume of the same my eyes looked to heaven, where I read: Vins d’Alsace. 

The wine was made from 100% Güewurztraminer variety, its color was intense, yellow with light golden highlights, but in the nose what surprised me most was the almost narcotic floral explosion: Volcanoes Damascene roses coming and going between ripe lychees and notes of honeysuckle blossoms, occasionally jumping aromas of passion fruit and peppermint. Sirens sang in my cup.

When tested in the mouth soft and velvet balanced acidity and fat made him appealing, and again in the retronasal repeated with more intensity, if possible, all the aromatic explosion previously perceived by the nose.

José Carlos Álvarez en Prowein 2015
José Carlos Álvarez in Prowein 2015

I’m not sure if my state of ecstasy or out of curiosity, a man with glasses, normal clothes and sympathetic face, rose from a small table, and began to speak in fluent English. His name was Robert and proved to be the husband of the woman who served me at first instance.

We started to try other wines from the cellar and pulled out another white wine variety Gewürztraminer also a 1st Cru with 98 points Parker and then two sparkling Cremant: One Blanco 100% Chardonnay and Blanc de Noir Rosado, 100% Pinot gray.

Here it was glamor, the stand became the largest in the show, had views of the Rhine and sported a bright spring morning, loaded with blooming roses, honeysuckle filled with dew bubbles. I found the essence of Alsace in a humble stand run by a simple marriage of Molsheim, a small French village on the banks of the Lower Rhine, the Klingenfus family. I´ll plan to visit them this spring.


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