Small Discoveries by Perrier-Jouët

A bottle adorned with mysterious butterflies to celebrate the 2007 Vintage Belle Epoque Cuvée.

The Luxonomist. 29/09/2015

A white lacquered pencil case slide top gift box to cradle a bottle of the Cuvée Grand Brut. For the launch of these two limited editions, Perrier-Jouët unveils two new designs from the mischer’traxler studio. To cap this year of collaboration with the young designer duo, Perrier-Jouët playfully enchants the dinner tables of the festive season. A never-ending wonderland of miniature surprises, delicate apparitions and little miracles, nature engages us in a constant conversation in which the only human response can be to marvel at its endlessly reborn magic.

Perrier-Jouët 3
Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007

Design duo Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler created Perrier-Jouët Ephemerã, a stunning installation unveiled at the Design Miami/2014 international show. Now Ephemerã has multiplied into Small Discoveries by mischer’ traxler, two original creations that celebrate the magic of this wondrous dialogue with nature around two Perrier-Jouët cuvées: Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 and Grand Brut.

Perrier-Jouët 2
Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007

The two designers reinterpret the language of Art Nouveau, its artistic conventions—clean, swirling lines inspired by the living shapes of nature—and its philosophy: to imbue the useful with beauty and the everyday with poetry. While the Limited Edition of the Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 takes the bottle as a creative medium, the cuvée Grand Brut “plumier” slide top gift box becomes an exquisite illustration. One is a fully-fledged collectible, the other a nomadic object in which to collect small treasures. Both can be seen as emblems of nature’s magic—two lasting tributes to the moment of enjoyment.

Perrier-Jouët 4
Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007

The Cuvée Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 is a joint creation by Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps and the mischer’traxler design duo. The poetic decoration of this champagne bottle conjures up the silence of the cellars from which it re-emerges after six years’ maturation to reveal its crystalline lightness, generosity and refinement. As Hervé Deschamps puts it, “The Cuvée Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 is an epicurean wine that embodies Perrier-Jouët’s art of crafting exceptional vintage champagnes”.

Perrier-Jouët 5
Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007

With a delicate white robe, it reveals aromas of magnolia, honeysuckle and citrus, enveloped by notes of ripe pears and peaches, set off by a hint of minerality. The wine’s generosity unfolds with a frank attack revealing a delightfully persistent freshness with notes of white flesh fruits, set off by almond milk.

Perrier-Jouët 7
Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007

Yes, this is a champagne bottle, but for the mischer’traxler duo, it is primarily a landscape—or rather, a garden blooming with white Japanese anemones. As the flowers spread their iridescent petals, butterflies and dragonflies flutter around them, adorning them with an endless necklace of light. The label has disappeared—only the white foil remains—leaving the designers free rein to express their creativity and transform this bottle into a surprising and infinitely poetic object. A work of contemporary art that celebrates a new Perrier-Jouët vintage.

Perrier-Jouët 8
Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007

This box, or more precisely a precious “plumier” slide top is aimed to be offered as a gift for any occasion—a delightful present that will later prove to be an essential receptacle in which to store a host of small treasures. The mischer’traxler duo dressed this box in mat white lacquer: a swirling tracery of emerald, silhouettes of spring foliage, a small patch of heaven aflutter with butterflies. And inside the box lies a bottle containing yet more marvels: the aromas of the Cuvée Grand Brut, testimony to exceptional vineyards.

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