TrentoDOC, Bubbles Mountain

A sparkling from 'Metodo Classico' noted for its character and its slogan: 'bubbles mountain'.

Isabel Chuecos-Ruiz. 05/04/2016

In Italy, the denomination with the best tradition in sparkling wines is TrentoDOC, a place where the cultivation of the vine is millenarian. Denomination of Origin Controlled (DOC) was granted to the region of Trentino in 1993, but it was not until 2007 when the regional brand TrentoDOC was created, the Institute currently hosts 43 producers of sparkling wine, all of them using the «metodo classico».

TrentoDOC, 'bollicine di montagna'
TrentoDOC, ‘bollicine di montagna’

TrentoDOC is the direct expression of the land that produces it, the Trentino region. A small territory, located between Lake Garda and the Dolomites in the Italian Eastern Alps. The Dolomites were considered unique natural monument, registered in June 2009 in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

The Trentino acreage has a total of 10,000 hectares (2% in Italy) and a portion of grape varieties for sparkling of 8%. The total annual production is around 7 million bottles. Big numbers for such a small territory, which also has very particular characteristics that make it particularly suitable for the production of quality sparkling wine, we talked exclusively of traditional method, which in Italy is called ‘Metodo Classico’.

El marco espectacular del Lago de Garda
Spectacular Lake Garda

The alpine environment in the region ensures clean air, excellent soil, and a variation in temperature between day and night to help the progressive development of the vine. A wine that is produced according to some regulations as strict as those of his partner champagne, and with the same grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier addition to Pinot Blanc, which must be grown in a defined area within the Province of Trento, resulting in a rated ‘mountain classical method’ sparkling.

Viñedos en la Val di Cembra
Vineyards in the Val di Cembra

The climate in Trentino is highly variable and it’s characterized by a wide range of temperatures is fully reflected in the organoleptic characteristics of the wines of TrentoDOC. A region marked by the thermal winds from Garda Lake and the cold of the Dolomiti mountains, and that in a few square kilometers, passing the sub-continental climate of the  Valley of river Adige to the Mediterranean climate of the Garda Lake. The geo-climatic conditions produce typical range of temperatures from Alpine environment, especially important to transfer the quality and variety of fragrances classic method TrentoDOC.

All this contributes, along with other specific territorial aspects, to define the unique character of TrentoDOC. A wine that is, from my point of view, one of Italy’s best sparkling ‘Metodo Classico’.

La Val di Cembra, un valle espectacular
La Val di Cembra, a spectacular valley

The social value of cooperatives is unquestionable, because without them many producers would not have the ability to market their grapes. But let’s face it, not much horizon for small producers, cooperatives (social canteens) and the Ferrari winery with its million bottles on the market, crush vintners trying to establish themselves as independent.

Entorno del Lago de Garda
Lake Garda

In any case, without considering the enological side, I recommend this region to the lovers of the mountain as tourist destination for its attractiveness and high landscape value.

(PhotosIsabel Chuecos-Ruiz)

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