Chocolate in infant feeding

Cocoa as "relaxing, stimulating and restorative" food is known since the time of Mayas and there are many benefits attributed to moderate consumption.

Chocolate & Mandarina
Chocolate & Mandarine
Chocolate & Mandarine.

Chocolate, classically considered unhealthy for the child population for their possible harmful effects (becoming overweight, tooth decay, its stimulating power and highly addictive), like among children widely and few children are indifferent to same. Cocoa as «relaxing, stimulating and restorative» food is known since the time of the Maya culture and there are many benefits attributed to moderate consumption.

It is an excellent source of energy, vitamins (A, B, C, D, K), minerals and trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and copper) but it also contains other substances (flavonoids) that act as antioxidants preventing cell aging with possible beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. Has a stimulating role of the central nervous system and through the release of endorphins act as mood stabilizer; was even attributed antitussive properties, among others.


While that may have undesirable effects on sleep (for its stimulating effect the nervous system), which in predisposed children can trigger headache and that teenagers and adults could favor a compulsive use of it in times of stress or emotional instability (in the sense of well-being that), moderate consumption after 18m of life can be beneficial to health.

It may be an appropriate adjunct to diet because of its excellent acceptance in children and should avoid compulsive use, especially in adolescents.


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