High-flying pickled preserved food

Legendary pickled partridge and partridge pâté of the restaurant Orellana Perdiz are sold now in beautiful jars ready to enjoy at home.

Pilar Ferrández. 09/04/2015
Orellana perdiz

Orellana family has been offering delicious partridge recipes in La Carolina (Jaén) since 1948. Their restaurants in a beautiful cottage in La Carolina (Jaén) have been during decades a must-stop for travelers who drove along Despeñaperros. Now it is not necessary any more to take the car to enjoy Orellana Perdiz most famous dishes.

Two years ago they launched their Orellana Perdiz gourmet collection of preserved partridge meat with their two most famous recipes: pickled partridge and partridge pâté. This line of preserved food is very exclusive and has a limited production (they process around 15.000 birds). This products were awarded in SIAL fair in Paris in 2014. Orellana family is planning to launch another canned version of their legendary dishes: partridge cooked with onion.

Orellana perdiz products

The audacious pink color of the brand’s packaging cover crystal jars that reveal exquisite proposals. The pickled partridge jar contains a whole bird submerged in an abundant and tasty brine with an intense presence of extra virgin olive oil from Jaén. Meat texture of the partridge is firm and delicious. The product do not contain additives, preservatives, eggs, milk or gluten and its price is around 23 euro.

Orellana Perdiz Partridge pâté combines in a flawless way natural ingredients: partridge, bird liver, Iberian pork, vegetables, olive oil, wine, spices, garlic and salt. Price for a jar containing 190 grams of product is around 10 euro.

Orellana perdiz se presenta en frascos de cristal
Orellana perdiz

To keep the secret of the ancestral recipes inherited from the founders, just some members of the family are in charge of giving the final touch to the preserved partridge dishes, according to Pilar Orellana, grand-daughter Vicente Orellana, who established the business during the Spanish post-civil war period. The 100% artisanal and manual processes used when the family opened their first restaurant are still applied in the elaboration of the preserved line of products.

Orellana family runs a hotel, restaurants, and breed bulls for bullfighting in a farm located in Sierra Morena. Untill now, the gourmet preserved food line is not a big income source, but it has the clear vocation to grow. Their products are available at Mantequerías Bravo and Cristina Oria in Madrid, at Marídame in Barcelona and at Mercado de la Bretxa in San Sebastián. You can also find them in countries like France, Belgium and Germany. 


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