Iberian Ham Industry is Trying to Expand

Export figures for the last year has been remarkable, but 80% goes to the EU. It is necessary to go further.

Abel Amón. 25/02/2016

2015 can be described as excellent for producers of Iberian. During the first three quarters of 2015 exports increased by 25% from 15,000 tonnes in the previous year to 20,000 tonnes, as published data from the Bureau of Export Meat Spain (Eurostat). Moreover, the value of exports of cured hams and shoulders has been almost 300 million euros in the first nine months of 2015.

El jamón ibérico quiere abrirse hueco en China
Iberian ham wants to open gap in China

The EU accounts for 80% of our exports, especially Portugal, France, Germany and the UK. The ham is becoming an important gap in both the US and China, where it is becoming more appreciated. In these countries, as is well known, it has been to fight against bureaucratic and legal obstacles that have limited exports to these important markets. For example, China can only import boneless ham products, a requirement that is trying to change.

El jamón deshuesado
China can only import boneless ham products

The problem is even worse in Russia, a great place to expand the Iberian products market, given the popularity they have there especially with tourists visiting our country. But the sanctions imposed by the Russian Federation to agricultural and livestock products in the EU have curbed the expansion.

Some commercial activities such as those undertaken by the ICEX in Italy and in the US,during 2015, should give a push to our producers to find a niche on these growing markets. So far sales in China and the US account for just  3% of total exports.

jamon 3
Ham sales in China and the U.S. only account for 3%

Paella and jamón in Chinese supermarkets.
As reported Expansion.com, a consortium of Spanish companies are trying to send to China a variety of Spanish products that go beyond ham, olive oil and wine. For several months, many Chinese industry groups travelling to Spain to meet with companies in the sector, and are beginning to crystallize the first agreements.

Nuestro aceite de oliva, entre los productos más deseados
Our olive oil is one of the most desired products

One is a commercial alliance promoted by two Chinese public consortiums with the aim would be to close the year with 150 member firms and a turnover of 10 million euros. Among the first products will begin to be exported to the country are olive oil, ham, canned, prepared for paella and milk, baby food and cosmetics for the care of babies.

Some 20 Spanish companies initially, among which would be Med Meals (Paellador Group) or NaturSwiss may sell their products in China without paying taxes, will be exhibited in a building in the free zone of Shanghai for the Chinese distributors know and come a network of 2,000 outlets by Cofco, the largest production, processing and sale of food from China.

Los preparados para elaborar una paella también llegarán a China
The prepared to make a paella also will arrive in China

An exclusive variety.
The Manchado (spotted) Jabugo is one of the unique varieties that gap should be made between the products to countries such as China and the US are increasingly seeking our delicatessen. This variety is certainly one of the best, a gourmet product of difficult access, given its short production. And as everything is scarce and quality, its price in the market is high. For example, within the Protected Designation of Origin Jamón de Huelva: each piece (about seven kilos of weight) can exceed 4,000 EUR. A figure 30-40% higher compared with the value reaching other Iberian hams.

El jamón ibérico, un manjar que sobre todo se exporta a la UE
Iberian ham, a delicacy which is mostly exported to the EU

The marketing of hams and variety Manchado Jabugo follows the trend showing parts of other varieties of pure Iberian pork, with a consolidated domestic market and international market expansion. The main importing countries are in the European Union, although more than 100 countries located throughout the world geography that matter Iberian hams of Spain are counted.

La variedad Manchado de Jabugo, la más codiciada
Manchado de Jabugo, the most coveted variety

Approximately 65 animals Manchado Jabugo conduct a fattening process call montanera for slaughter during the next campaign; part of which will be put into circulation covered by the above P.D.O, as said from the Provincial de Huelva. A unique species that must be cared for is in danger of extinction.

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