The World’s Finest Capsule Coffee

Hayman's Jamaica Blue Mountain.

The Luxonomist. 07/12/2015

The famous coffee is presented in a beautiful, luxury case. The case highlights the uniqueness of the treasure inside and makes it an original and exclusive Christmas gift. Quality always takes priority at Hayman, which is why all Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee capsules are roasted to order. This ensures that the quality and freshness of the coffee is at its peak when it reaches the customer.

Hayman's Jamaica Blue Mountain 4
Hayman’s Jamaica Blue Mountain. Click to buy

«Hayman created a coffee of pure pleasure. Both subtle and involving, it immediately conquers the senses and confirms Jamaica Blue Mountain as the best coffee in the world.» Jean-Pierre Beauchamp, Master Roaster. The environment is another cornerstone of Hayman’s vision, as both coffee capsules and cases are 100% recyclable. The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee capsules, which are fully compatible with all Nespresso home machines, are currently available in luxury hotels and restaurants across Europe, as well as through Hayman’s very own online store. Business clients should contact Hayman directly to learn more about the special conditions for corporate clients.

Hayman's Jamaica Blue Mountain 2
Hayman’s Jamaica Blue Mountain. Click to buy

Why is it the finest coffee in the world?
The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee heritage dates back to the 18th century and it is widely considered the best coffee in the world. This extraordinary coffee, known for its natural sweetness, chocolate flavour notes and mildness, is transported across the globe in handmade wood barrels.

Hayman's Jamaica Blue Mountain 3
Hayman’s Jamaica Blue Mountain. Click to buy

The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee belt is a narrow piece of land located in the easternmost part of the Jamaican island, with a distinctive microclimate featuring the perfect mix of rainfall, shade, altitude and mineral-rich soil. The coffee is grown at a high altitude, as the higher the altitude the denser the bean, which translates into a richer coffee. In eastern Jamaica, it rains often and the climate is cool and misty, with rainbows often appearing between hills. The rainforest-preserving trees provide shade that delays the maturation of the coffee cherries, contributing to the unique character of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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