Michelin-star Chefs Gather in «Restorán Mahou»

18 Unique dinner to celebrate the 125 year history of the brewery.

The Luxonomist. 25/11/2015

«Restorán Mahou», located in Lamucca Prado, introduces its new everyday cuisine with a proposal for «tapas» neighborhoods. Students of the «Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Madrid» have created a new tasting menu, based on the culinary culture of Madrid six quarters, as well as new proposals for individual «tapas» to pair with beer.

Exterior del Restorán Mahou ubicado en el local de Lamucca de El Prado
Restorán Mahou exterior

The new menu »Cómete Madrid» it consists of 6 new tapas; as «foie bonbon cake with onion and caramelized apple» or «stuffed Piquillos of squid in its own ink.» The menu includes a «doble de Mahou» and coffee for a price of 14 €.

Óscar Velasco fue uno de los primeros chefs en cocinar en el Restorán Mahou
Oscar Velasco is one of the chefs cooking at the Restaurant Mahou

The restaurant Mahou founded in 1913 reopened its doors last November 12 in Lamucca El Prado (Calle Prado, 16), to celebrate the 125 years of history linking the brewer leisure, gastronomy and hospitality of Madrid. This ephemeral restaurant will be open until 29 November and will house all night dinners with some of the best national chefs.

Platos de alta gastronomía a un precio más que razonable
Haute cuisine dishes at a reasonable price

Because of their inclusive nature, Mahou Restaurants approaches to the public a taste of haute cuisine. The tasting menus created by Michelin-star chefs are priced at € 50, while dinners perform by chefs with two and three Michelin stars are valued at 70 €.


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