The wonders of the world, in miniature

A new trade in Manhattan teaches us more than 4,500 square meters of architectural wonders of New York... and of the world!

The architecture shows us, once again, that its social draught is unmatched. From the constant threats which pass other sectors, the construction always enjoyed of good press, in what to refer to the feel human (obviously), so there would be no tourism (the major source of income from various countries of the world) if had no the fantastic constructions that are made gala… What the rural tourism is booming? Yes, but without houses there is no exist the rural tourism.

One of the most emblematic places to tourist level, as far as architecture is concerned, offers starting this month of May an incredible possibility, the enjoy the most popular monuments of the world by an overwhelming reality in scale models, designed and executed by artists from eight countries and four continents. Location: 216 West 44th Street, in the very Time Square in New York.

The company bears the suggestive name of Gulliver´s Gate, making mention of the fantastic book written by Irishman Jonathan Swift in 1726, «Gulliver’s travels», although, they have choose a different scale with which have been adapted to nearly all the models, the 1:87, which leaves the human figures in two centimeters high… And Pau Gasol in 2.46 cm (who he doesn´t know!).

Its most enthusiastic founding partner, Eiran Gazit, explains that the company intends to use the latest interactive technology to recreate the experience of a complex world in a rich and attractive way. With this philosophy, including models of buildings from the United States, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Asia, places and sights as the dam Hoover, the Colosseum, the pyramids of Egypt, the Panama Canal or the great wall of China. They make interpretations of the past, the present and the future in scenes with horses, elephants, Hot air balloons, the International Space Station and even a replica of Mars.

All of this is connected by railways and roads with all transport known by the mankind… even if it are fictional! One of its best ideas is an airport which really works (to scale, clear) with planes that do not fail of to take off and land. Now, this entertainment company have 1,000 trains that carry about 12,000 cars and more than 10,000 cars and trucks (some of them moving) that travel non-stop by a vast network of roads, highways, bridges and tunnels.

The exposure is located in front of the One Astor Plaza, a skyscraper built in 1972, designed by Der Scutt to 1.515 Broadway, with 227 meters and 54 plants and within it also enjoy of tall buildings as the Empire State Building, World Trade Center, the Chrysler Building or the Petronas towers (I love the skyscrapers 😉 but these models do not carry ornamentation from the fifth floor. The local has 4.645 square meters and the largest model is 145 meters long, 12.5 kilometers if we converted the scale in reality.

Other illustrious visualizations that you can enjoy (if you decide to go) are as varied as the Rockefeller Center, the former Whitney Museum, a camp Lenape (a legendary tribe of Indians), the Guggenheim or the Brooklyn Bridge, all of this in New York, from outside the country can see the Arch of the triumph of France, St. Basil’s Cathedral of Russia the ruins of the ancient civilizations of Maya of Mexico, the always splendid Taj Mahal of India or the modern building CCTV Tower of China.

The figures are designed not only to give the true extent of the buildings with which they interact, also illustrate us the most funny or weird scenes. Thus, the pedestrians take selfies in different places, a figurine practice topless in a fire ladder, we will see the man spider on the Brooklyn Bridge, as in the train tracks an absent-minded user pulled her bag, we caught «in fraganti» an artist of graffiti, a couple kissing passionately or to the Beatles across the pedestrian crossing in London.

Economically speaking the «adventure» have cost some 40 million dollars (36.6 euros). The project was launched in the year 2014 through a campaign that raised $25,000 (22,800 euros) and created the expectation that has made it possible that other investors support it. Expected an average of 6,000 people, about two million at the end of the year, an annual cost of 16 million (14.6 euros) and annual revenues of 35 million (32 euros).

Of course, the benefits will not come only from the likely influx of public, the advertising will have a fundamental role to play. It is expected that companies can advertise on small video screens, in different billboards within models, also envisage that animated characters companies pay for your images during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, they have provided even that ads can be placed on different buses that do mini tours within the exhibition.

However, the visitors of the Museum provided the most original source of revenue, they will become «Citizens of the door of Gulliver» by printing of the whole body of the visitor who want (with a 3D scanner), this will give a right to receive a framed picture of their «mini avatar» at their new home, and a passport which will give special prices for access at any time that want to return.

In addition, they taken this interaction seriously, and want to create a true community of collaborators and supporters who can contribute ideas about future models, or even provide some own. But the members of the Gulliver’s Gate is not content to park in New York, they want open, over the next five years, three new «doors» in places like Miami, Nashville, St. Louis, San Diego, Atlanta and Toronto (yet to decide).

The Museum is open every day of the week and their tickets cost $27 for children and adults (24.7 euros) and 36 for adults (33 euros), you can buy it in advance on its website, including discounts (as it could not be otherwise). If you have planned to visit New York or reside there, this place can be ideal to have a good time, enjoying the triumph of the World Architecture in only 4,600 square meters… fantastic!!

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