Maha Akhtar and Her Media Labs

When Plato said that “Necessity was the mother of Invention,” he was referring to author Maha Akhtar, and she went one step further as she represents the true nature of re-invention.

Bisila Bokoko. 14/07/2017

Kim Akhtar is a journalist, novelist and speechwriter. She launched her writing career in Spain with two memoirs and two novels written in Spanish that were published in Spain and throughout Latin America, including Brazil. Ms. Akhtar’s career began in the music business in 1985 at Fiction Records, where she was assistant manager for The Cure. She then moved into the world of food and wine working for The Zagat Guide before joining CBS News in January 1993, where she worked side by side with Dan Rather as his chief of staff and spokesperson.

Ms. Akhtar traveled extensively with Rather, including the wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, producing and booking many stories with Rather for the three broadcasts he was involved in: the Evening News, 48 Hours and 60 Minutes. After leaving CBS News, Ms. Akhtar moved to Spain where she embarked on a full-time career as a flamenco dancer, working and touring Europe with the Compañía Manuela Carrasco and with Rafael Amargo.

Ms. Akhtar has also worked with various public figures in the Middle East, notably Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan for whom she wrote speeches and handled media appearances and public events both in Jordan, the Emirates and the U.S. She speaks six languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu. Ms. Akhtar lives in New York City. Change is actually quite scary… human beings in general, like routine. But that is not the way for Maha Akhtar! And now she came with a new book in a completely different style “Medianoche en Damasco” where she gives voice to a man in Syria as she explains the background of the current problems this country are facing and the issue with the refugees. This book is a must read, once you start you can’t put it down and is definitely the book of the summer! It also unfolds a beautiful love story in the middle of such turmoil.

When you meet Maha you fall in love, to listen to her extended knowledge and experience is a treasure for the ears and a gift for the yes to look at her! As Maha says ”Reinventing oneself is taking a leap of faith…trusting yourself, placing yourself in your own hands, seeing your goal clearly in your mind’s eye and striving for it “No regrets has always been my motto”.

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