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Personally, for an indoors toy I like American Doll.

By María. 16/02/2014
American Doll


Hello parents! Want to make your children happy? Well you are in luck because I am a child. And you know what children like the best?… Toys!!! Wait, but what if you don’t know what toys your child is going to like? Well that depends on their personality. Say your son loves watching car races on tv with you. His perfect toy will be a HotWheels race car and a set. Or what if your girl loves making and collecting stuff… Her perfect toy would be a Bedos Kit.

There are also «outdoor» toys. For example, if your little one wishes he could ride a car. His outdoor toy would be a Power car, so big that he could fit in but small enough that he wouldn’t be driving like with a real car. Now that you know about some toys, you can make your children happy.

Personally, for an indoors toy I like American Girl Dolls, but I am not going to make any child like them because… Every girl and boy deserves their own toy!

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