First and Very Supportive Russian Barbie

Natalia Vodianova, the popular Russian model has reached an agreement with Mattel to become the first Barbie designed for Russia, in exchange for part of the revenue from sales to be donated for a worthy cause.

Abel Amón. 01/09/2016

«Natalia is an iconic Barbie doll and I am satisfied that my name has been been chosen to be the first Russian Barbie», commented on her Instagram account of  the model. «The Naked Heart Foundation is actively promote the importance of play for the balanced development of any child. Twelve years ago we established an inclusive breeding program with purpose and hopefully with our program Barbie Natalia acquires a new meaning».

Natalia Vodianova durante la presentación de su Barbie
Natalia Vodianova during the presentation of her Barbie

«Now, the most important thing for me in this deal is that this doll becomes the first Barbie-philanthropist, as part of the profits from sales will go to the Heart Naked Foundation to create a system of free services for families who have with children with special needs and for building inclusive game parks for children of all ages and abilities» said Natalia. 

Barbie Curvy con un diseño español este verano
Curvy Barbie with a Spanish design this summer

Mattel is making significant changes in the designs of its flagship toy and nowadays  top designers make special models for Barbie. These  changes that have been made for the first time in its 57 year history. For example we remembered  from The Luxonomist pages the Spanish swimwear designs slope and we discussed the evolution of the doll in all these years of history. Another example of the evolution of fashion doll collection is that Moschino has designed for Barbie

Compra aquí la Barbie Moschino
Barbie Moschino. Click to buy

The Naked Heart Foundation. It was the bombing in 2004 of Beslan school by Chechen terrorists, of disastrous consequences, which led to Natalia Vodianova Naked Heart Foundation create. Desperate to do something to help the most disadvantaged victims, he had a simple idea: if young survivors of the tragedy could be distracted by the game for at least five minutes every day, this would be of a great help to recover psychologically. Providing secure facilities for outdoor games could redefine the landscape of the city and act as a form of therapy.

Having grown in poverty suffered in urban Russia and after becoming a mother, Natalia understands the importance of play and the devastating consequences of deprivation of such a basic need. It is through play that children learn to relate to the world around them at an early age and become more confident and resilient.

Natalia junto a niños a los que ayuda su fundación
Natalia with the children to helping its foundation

The mission of the organization is to help build an inclusive society that is open to people with disabilities and special needs, through play and the creation of free support services for disadvantaged families. It aims to ensure that no child whose parents live end in an orphanage or children’s home. The foundation works for any parent feel pressured to give up a child with disabilities and collaborate with them in order to give free access to a wide range of services and support specialists who are familiar with international best practices and modern  technologies.

Vodianova aprovecha su fama para conseguir fondos para su fundación
Vodianova gets funds for his foundation

Querer FoundationI take these pages about solidarity to recall a commendable foundation that seeks to improve education and treatment of children with special difficulties. It is Querer Foundation and its first major project is the School for Celia and Pepe, in Madrid. A special school in which the scientific and academic community and the new technologies applied to special education are at the service of learning of these children.

Querer Foundation is based on unifying medical, technological, pharmacological and educational research to encompass the full development of these children and educate them in a comprehensive manner appropriate to their needs. The Foundation seeks to ultimately fill a void there with respect to the treatment of rare diseases that affect language and development, and has a first class specialists.

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