Journey Girls with Italian Style

On-Trend and Stylish Fashions Tailored to an All-New Italian Adventure Coming Soon to Company's Successful Private Label Doll Line.

The Luxonomist. 16/07/2015
Journey Girls 1
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls. Click to buy

Toys»R»Us® today announced that it is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its award-winning, private label Journey Girls® brand with an updated collection of artfully crafted fashions and highly detailed accessories. Beginning this September, customers will find their favorite dolls outfitted in styles perfect for their next Journey Girls adventure, an Italian excursion, in stores nationwide and online at

Journey Girls 2
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls. Click to buy

What began as a collection of four dolls and complementary fashions, has expanded to a selection of seven dolls, hundreds of mix-and-match clothing options and dozens of must-have accessories. In the five years since the brand’s inception, Journey Girls characters have gone on worldwide adventures spanning 20,000 miles around the globe, from London to Parisand now Italy, adding to their individual and collective backstory.

Journey Girls 3
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls. Click to buy

«What was born out of a team brainstorm more than five years ago has evolved into a brand truly beloved by children the world over, and become one of the company’s most successful private label businesses to date,» said Richard Barry, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Toys»R»Us, Inc.

Beach Chair Set
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls , Beach Chair Set. Click to buy

«Since 2010, we’ve significantly expanded the space dedicated to this line in our stores, added new girls to the collection and increased the number of accessories and fashions offered. The Journey Girls brand has proven its staying power at Toys»R»Us, while continuing to inspire kids to explore their world and live out adventures.»

Wheelchair and Crutches Set (1)
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls Wheelchair and Crutches Set . Click to buy

Featuring fresh faces, trendy fashions and delightful accessories, the Journey Girls collection is comprised of seven 18-inch dolls that offer children the opportunity to take imaginative, adventurous journeys with characters they can identify with.

Bike Set
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls Bike Set. Click to buy

Little ones can select the doll that most inspires them, choosing from Chavonne, the multitalented performer; Callie, an aspiring dancer; Dana, the animal lover; Kelsey, who loves to seek out exciting new adventures or participate in extreme sports; Kyla, an amazing artist; Meredith, the energetic team athlete; and Mikaella, the latest addition to the Journey Girls who loves cooking and baking.

Journey Girls  3
Toys»R»Us Journey Girls. Click to buy

In preparation for the 2015 holiday season, Toys»R»Us is stocking its inventory with new, adorable fashions and accessories that help extend imaginative play. From furniture and pets, to stylish clothing and hair salon sets, all fashions and accessories are quality made, realistically detailed and scaled to fit 18-inch dolls.

Journey Girls Group Shot
Toys»R»Us Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Exclusive Journey Girls Brand with Updated, Italy-Inspired Collection

The Journey Girls brand is currently available for purchase at all Toys»R»Us stores across the U.S., and select stores in international markets across the world, including AustraliaCanadaFranceSpain and the U.K., among many others.

Journey Girl Chavonne
Journey Girl Chavonne. Click to buy

Journey Girl® Chavonne from Toys»R»Us®: Chavonne, a multi-talented performer, will guide the girls through Milan, the City of Theatres, in a black-and-white striped top under a vibrant pink petite coat and trendy floral pants that match her navy slip-on shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Callie
Journey Girl Callie . Click to buy

Journey Girl® Callie from Toys»R»Us® : Callie will seek out the best shops to show her friends the latest fashion trends, while wearing a black-and-white mini dress paired with an embroidered, blush colored jacket and elegant pink shoes and headband to complement her entire look. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Dana
Journey Girl Dana. Click to buy

Journey Girl® Dana from Toys»R»Us®: Dana, an animal lover, will be sure to stop by her favorite parco nazionale and protected reserves which are home to a variety of wildlife, all while dressed in a silver knit sweater and brown faux-fur vest with jeans, along with a leopard-print tote bag and chic brown boots. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Kelsey
Journey Girl Kelsey. Click to buy

Journey Girl® Kelsey from Toys»R»Us® : Adventure seeker Kelsey will challenge herself by taking on the best hiking trails and exploring marine life within Italy’s 4,000-plus miles of coastline! While out on the town, Kelsey will sport a grey and blue embroidered shift dress with navy headband, as well as a navy and emerald faux-leather shoulder handbag and navy flat shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Kyla
Journey Girl Kyla . Click to buy

Journey Girl® Kyla from Toys»R»Us®: Kyla is ready to find the best spots rich with art and culture, dressed to explore the Italian art scene in a ‘Ciao!’ printed top with striped sleeves, pink wrap skirt, a black and white clutch and floral and classic pink flats. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Meredith
Journey Girl Meredith. Click to buy

Journey Girl® Meredith from Toys»R»Us®: Meredith’s athletic charm will help inspire all her friends to partake in awesome quests in Italy, and her sense of style will shine bright, as she dons a blue sparkle t-shirt, white striped circle skirt, pink handbag and trendy pink shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Mikaella
Journey Girl Mikaella. Click to buy

Journey Girl® Mikaella from Toys»R»Us®: Mikaella, outfitted in a purple knit sweater with silver embroidery detail, metallic silver brocade pants, black flats and an elegant silver and pink envelope clutch handbag, will lead her friends to the finest cafes and pasticcerias in town. No batteries required.

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