Lester´s vs Monnalisa trends

In New York, better to wear Lester´s clothes....

By María. 09/03/2015
Monnalisa S/S 2015. Make clic to buy
Monnalisa S/S 2015. Make clic to buy
Monnalisa S/S 2015. Make clic to buy

So, spring is coming. We all know it, but what we don’t know is what children´s trend to use. First let´s interview people who chose Monnalisa brand. They go to buy a pretty dress for their little girl. The dress is beautiful and has a «fancy pants» sense of style, but when the girl wears it at her birthday party, the table warbles  and a drink falls on her dress and makes a terrible stain.

Her mothers takes her aside (the girl) to wash off the stain, but it won’t budge. The girl never is able to wear the dress again. Now let´s interview the people who chose Lester´s ( the New York clothes store for kids and teens). they can buy a different styles like «fancy pants», «rebel and modern» clothes. And those are only a few styles there!

Romantic ( Fiori di pesco + Masculato) By Monnalisa S/S 2015. Make clic to buy

They go buy a «fancy pants» dress, the daughter wears it on her parents reunion party. Someone drops a little coke just when the daughter is coming to say «hello». Yep!

The Coke drops on her dress so the mother pulls her aside to watch it off. The dress looks good as new!

So, which wins? Lester´s! Sorry Monalisa, but Lester´s is just better. anyway, gotta go to Lester´s to buy some trends! See ya next time!

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