9th edition of bi-annual shows and first season partnering with Spring Studios, an iconic home of Fashion Week in NY.

The Luxonomist. 26/10/2015

PetitePARADE, the biannual showcase that has hosted over 10,000 people and featured 100+ designers, will be partnering for the first time with Spring Studios to create innovative fashion events that are digitally activated and globally distributed. Opening the event, displaying their innovative childrenswear designs, will be the top 2015 graduates from PARSONS School of Design. 

Petit Parade 2
Designs from LittleMissMatched, at petitePARADE (Photos: Getty Images for Petite Parade) Click to buy

The energetic runway show will feature Nickelodeon star Addison Reicke and young YouTube star, Emma of Kittie’s Mama. LittleMissMatched will produce a hands-on creative workshop, called “Project Sock”, for the mini guests, who will be designing and coloring on site as well as entering an online competition at Opening the afternoon showcase, marin + morgan will capture the essence of international culture interpreted through their bold prints.

Petit Parade 3
Designs from Olvi’s, at petitePARADE (Photos: Getty Images for Petite Parade). Click to buy

This newly emerged brand will stun the audience with the designer’s sophisticated eye and attention to fine detailing. ( Amsterdam-based designer, Olga Makarchev will segue with her brand Olvi’s, inclusive of exquisite pieces that share a deeply rooted passion for lace and craftsmanship.

Petit Parade 4
Designs from the Jessica Simpson Collection, at petitePARADE (Photos: Getty Images for Petite Parade). Click to buy

Popular for its signature moto-leather jackets amongst Hollywood’s mini-elite, laer will debut its children’s knits collection on the petitePARADE runway along with a few “Parent & Child” looks from its main line. Celebrity stylist, Lysa Cooper, will create a new take on school uniforms in a sophisticated palette of spring neutrals. The laer show is in partnership with CORD:USE, an obstetrician led, high quality cord blood bank made up of the world’s leading cord blood experts. ( Music and style icon, Jessica Simpson, will close the day along with an after, dance party presented by New Balance.

Petit Parade 5
Designs from the Jessica Simpson Collection, at petitePARADE (Photos: Getty Images for Petite Parade). Click to buy

The Jessica Simpson Lifestyle Collection is designed by Jessica herself along with her mother Tina. This lifestyle collection reflects all that is modern Americana: it is iconic, fashion-forward, accessible, comfortable, timeless and affordable.

Petit Parade 6
Atmosphere at the New Balance dance party featuring Waffle NYC during petitePARADE. (Photos: Getty Images for Petite Parade). Click to buy

From the playground to the dance floor, New Balance Kids will feature WAFFLE NYC subway dancers, who will entertain the mini guests by teaching a few dance moves to the mixes of 9-year-old DJ Alden on the ones and twos. Breaking barriers with his youthful perspective on the power of music, DJ Alden spins at CirKiz, a cutting-edge dance party for the kids of today who like to color outside the lines. New Balance Kids footwear incorporates support, stability, comfort and the same superior technology found in adult styles, but with bright and bold colors and patterns that kids love.

Partners of petitePARADE: California Baby+Kids, CirKiz, Classic Photo Booth, Earnshaw’s, Fashion Snoops, Gogo Squeez, Kevin.Murphy, LaPetite Magazine, Ritz Bits, and Zico Beverages.

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