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We offer a full suitcase for when your children go mountain camp on the campus of Gstaad.

Marie Chantal y su familia
Marie Chantal
Marie Chantal. Photo: thehivemag

Marie Chantal Miller is also of royal highness, a whole super woman of the century, yes because the twentieth were stressed and wanted to be perfect, were sullen and frustrated all day. The XXI, no. Because they have learned to perfection of imperfection, laugh and unwind looking each tools that best go. I encourage you to make the step if you have not changed in a century.

Like I said, Marie Chantal is a successful businesswoman who actually takes children’s clothing company , her blog and social networks, loves to make plans with their children and among other things is her role wonderfully crown prince consort of the Greek royal family. He’s always smiling and with a natural and relaxed look, with impeccable looks perfectly with the occasion.

Marie Chantal con su familia en la boda de
Marie Chantal with her family wedding. Photo: Zimbio

Marie Chantal has behind her a cosmopolitan life with exquisite training. She has been in the society magazines since she was little and both her time in New York and now in London is much admired by other socialites as worldwide. The best fashion magazines and society have devoted many pages exclusively. Instead of sending children to summer internship that you have chosen, why you do not do a trip together there? 

Besides being able to see the facilities and services, you will talk with officials and give a very positive sense of availability and collaboration with the center in the formation of your children. Once you’ve made it perfectly installed,   you and your partner could  plan a great getaway without kids. For this you need to pack for the kids, or at least monitor it and yours.

Marie Chantal y su familia
Marie Chantal and her family. Photo: thehivemag

Marie Chantal and Paul of Greece have 5 children aged 17 to 7 years. In addition to everything mentioned above I have chosen because you have children within wide age range. To be more specific, imagine that your children go to summer camps organized by Le Rosey. The prestigious Institut Le Rosey near Geneva, Switzerland . Where besides activities maintained learn respect and tolerance between different cultures live by the variety of nationalities of students.

1- Mountain Camp: Today we suitcase to take your children to a camp in the mountains. In particular I propose:

Backpacks for girls and children of MCM. Click to buy

Le Rosey offers Gstaad Mountain Camps: A camp for two weeks suitable for childrens   aged 8 to 13, leaving first home. There they developed in the campus sports Gstaad and offers higher mountains, hiking, cultural activities on the field. Intensive plus English or French. One of the coolest activities is that s obesity will be able to spend a night in a mountain hut and overnight in tipis. They will not forget!

As in most camps there will have to also bring clothes for cultural activities visit to the city (shopping, museums, etc.) -here Montreaux and Gstaad- and at the end there’s a party where parents and family are welcome.

Panama Jack boots and traditional pink color. Click to buy
  • Backpack: To carry isotonic drink, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, at least for mountain activities.
  • Footwear: In addition to slippers and other for the shower, they should wear hiking boots and a pair of pumps or loafers girls guys at least. I’ve selected these boots from Panama Jack Bestsellers 03 wonderful collection with a waterproof sole and anatomic insoles leather, removable inside.
Charlotte Olympia ballerinas. Click to buy
  • By the way, do not forget socks, although we are in summer, they will need to boot! These Barbour are in various colors and serve both to girl child, if your child passes of moles, you have more models on the web.
  • A handkerchief is already done also imperative to them. In barbour you very pretty. This is very nice girls and serves to your son if  are a fashionist, but if it is more classic advise this other with frame.
Barbour socks and scarves. Click to buy socks, handkerchief flowers and checkered scarf
  • Fine jerseys and some chubby Barbour On the web can find a variety of patterns and colors, of unquestionable quality. This guy has seemed very interesting to stand out.
  • Hat or cap, I prefer always cover hat because most, though lightly armed, if there is a brand that has my favorite is barbour because it has practical variations super model that has been endlessly versioned by big brands. I like it because it takes you out of a thousand and one troubles and when not in use will not take anything folded in your children’s backpack or purse (in what I call the rain or spring kit kit).
Chalecos Moncler de chico y chica. Haz clic para comprarlos
Moncler jackets boy and girl. Click to buy
  • A trench that shelters but not suffocating, remember it’s summer, also in Gstaad!
  • I advise you to at least put them in a vest luggage for everyone. I mean the boy and the girl and also an entire jacket. If you can find a model of the sleeves can be removed and replaced, all the better. It will make the two functions. I will not tell you if it has hood up!
Ropa de abrigo de Moncler y
Moncler Coats and Barbour. Click to buy
  • As for clothes, I have selected this coat with floral print for them signing this Moncler jacket and camouflage print for them.
  • As we said before, your children should wear clothes to go to the city and clothes to be arranged in the school, for the end of year party, as well as excursions.
Vestido de y pantalones
Alexander McQueen dress and pants Escada. Click to buy
  • Jeans are great for hiking and mountain activities.For mountain activities remember to pack appropriate clothing sports to mountain sports before they carry out, along with the necessary accessories. Telephones and find out what they really need.
  • Clothing for theater and any activity that requires a more formal outfit: a dress Girls and boys long pants, shirt and jacket hurts -not one tie.

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