The 21st Century Skin Care

Skincare products with its temporary cover-up formulations of 'natural' minerals, plant substances, oil and other fillers belong to the 20th Century.

The Luxonomist. 28/12/2015

Dr. Danielov, MD. Ph.D. and his team of scientists were first to understand and have experimentally proved that the most efficient way to treat health problems without side effects is utilizing same substances composition in the same quantities that found in a human body.

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There are NO oil, waxes, minerals, plants or animal extracts, and other foreign to the body substances in BIONOVA products since none of it is produced in a Human Organism and has no biological effect on the skin whatsoever. All foreign to human body substances clog skin pores; interfere with body’s metabolic processes causing skin concerns.
BIONOVA uses Hyper-Natural Bioactive Substances that are physiologically produced in the Living Organisms and 100% endogenous to a Human body.

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Hyper-Natural ingredients are not a simple mixture of substances added to the cosmetic formulation. It is a proprietary technological process that allows using them in Nano and Pico quantities. A composition of Hyper-Natural ingredients incorporated into a proprietary Delivery System is called NANO-COMPLEX.

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The medical background of BIONOVA’s scientists allows them to identify the cause of a problem and create targeted bioactive substances composition to treat the cause of this problem.

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