The World’s Smartest Mouth Guard

Dehydration detection will improve the performance of athletes at all levels.

The Luxonomist. 24/09/2015

Tech start-up, SMRT Mouth, an acronym for Sports Monitoring Responsive Technology, announced the start of a campaign with international crowd funding site, Indiegogo, for it’s first-ever Bluetooth enabled hydration sensing mouth guard. The current campaign goal is set at $50K to be met by October 15, in order to help bring this innovative product to the marketplace in 2016.

SMRT Mouth wearable 2
SMRT Mouth wearable. Click for more information

Essentially a «smart» mouth guard, this revolutionary product will measure osmolality in the bio fluid by utilizing high sensitivity sensors.  In response, biometric data will then be sent via Bluetooth to a mobile device monitored by a coach, trainer or parent. When pre-set thresholds are reached, the device alerts the caretaker on the sideline via the app.

In an era when high school sports are becoming as intense as an NFL summer camp, the mouth guard will empower athletes and their caretakers to focus on performance and health. In addition to protecting teeth, it will provide real-time tracking of biometric data to monitor hydration, respiration, circulation and exertion. Monitoring these levels will help athletes stay within the optimal biometric range for peak performance as well as prevent heat-related injuries.

SMRT Mouth wearable 3
SMRT Mouth wearable. Click for more information

«The moment I saw my favorite athlete remove his mouth guard when he was dehydrated during the NBA Finals a few years ago, I realized the answer to tracking hydration while athletes compete and train was right underneath our nose,» said CEO and Co-founderDana Hawes. «We believe that SMRT Mouth is the answer to detecting dehydration in athletes before any negative side effects show.»

SMRT Mouth wearable 4
SMRT Mouth wearable. Click for more information

Brand ambassador and 2014 Super Bowl Champion, Mike Robinson, said he suffered from dehydration while taking an anti-inflammatory drug in his final NFL season with the Seattle Seahawks. «If I would have known it was dehydration that I was suffering from, it would have been an easy fix. However, I didn’t have a device that detected dehydration, and my kidneys and liver began shutting down, forcing me to the locker room.»

SMRT Mouth has made significant strides to bring its innovative mouth guard to the marketplace, but additional funding will be needed to reinforce the viability of the product, and catapult the research and development to production in 2016.



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