12 Million for the Scarface Mansion

A dream mansion where was filmed Scarface just sell… after a discount of 66 percent.

The knees of Michelle Pfeifer trembled just a moment, when opened the door of the mansion, she was one step to fulfil one of her dreams, this born the first day that she heard of another surname of a woman very different: Michelle Pfeiffer. That «F» over of the surname of the famous actress, had given more than one annoyance, many people in the school told her that her surname was wrong. Once, in the Institute, even dared to complain to their parents because they did not know spelling. All now seemed a preparation for the summit moment, now, she can achieve the goal which so many years she had stolen the dream.

Vista exterior de la mansión
Exterior view of the mansion

Her family not had nothing to do, either, with the company Pfeifer, a company well known in Europe, experts in all types of wire rope and lifting applications. Absorbed in her thoughts, not heard the seller of the Mansion to speak of its construction in 1906, promoted by James Waldron Gillespie and designed by the multifaceted architect Bertram Goodhue, capable of designing the Rockefeller Memorial Center, the fonts known as Cheltenham and Merrymount or publish a magazine art quarterly, among other tricks.

Sala principal de la mansión
Main room of the mansion

She was delighted with the ceramic mural at the entrance, representing a party in the Fureidis (name of the farm which means «Tropical Paradise») where the characters are bedecked with traditional costumes. They passed over the pavement of white marble (Carrara, assumed) entered the main hall, whose luminosity left her momentarily blinded, this not impeded that she enjoy of the classic wooden floor and the columns with roman capitals. The two lamps of iron give a surreal touch while hanging of the huge central skylight and, of course, the piano which, open, was patiently waiting that someone used it.

The conversation room.

In a corner, the seller taught them to Claudia and to the other bidder (there were only two people in the dispute) what is called the conversation room, a receptacle of Byzantine style that is accessed descending four steps of a stair, also of white marble, and whose success is in the dome adorned with gold leaf of 24 karat based on the Arcibasilica Papale di San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome. The gold leaf are gold foils used to cover objects, furnishings and surfaces in architecture, obviously, is the malleability (property of get very thin thicknesses without breaking the material) that allows this type of finish.

Increíble cúpula
The dome adorned with gold leaf of 24 karat

Pfeifer recalled (which not Pfeiffer) that the house had been for sale the past 2014 at a price of 35 million dollars (32.5 million euros), but his owner, a Russian billionaire, would have lowered his pretensions along of 2015 (current year) and currently he ask for 18 million (euro 16.7). Sure that the figure could fall even a little more, she had hoped that his opponent was demotivated at that time. The mansion, located in a wealthy suburb of Santa Barbara in California, has about of 40,500 square meters surface, which includes 930 of construction, with a Mediterranean style.

Patio interior

They passed through the living room, which keeps a sober and welcoming style, with shades pastel in the walls, classic furniture and white sofas, it includes a fireplace that is not hard to imagine in full use. Since the living room is accessed to the inner courtyard, and since the inner courtyard can be accessed any room in the ground floor, this courtyard honors the ancient Roman atriums and you see in each corner floral elements. The dining room is one of the most spectacular places of the house with rectangular shape has a ceiling vault with nice paintings that recall the conquest of Persepolis by Alexander the Great.

The dining room has access to the kitchen, remodelled recently to the delight of the fans to the culinary, with an elongated island that matches the rest of the house: in white marble. The marble is a stone of polished easy and beautiful finish, but although it withstands high temperatures, it can burn if you put directly the kettles on its surface, also are sensitive to the acids, which leave marks of difficult disappearance, therefore, are not advisable in the kitchen.

Al Pacino en la película Scarface
Al Pacino; «Scarface» film

The investment banker, whose headquarters is in Houston, asked about the history of the Mansion, and it was as if the guide will find the light. He spoke effusively of the wedding that Charles Chaplin and Oona O’Neill, held there in 1.943, of when John F. Kennedy and his new wife Jackie Kennedy stayed at a part by their honeymoon in 1953. But above all, he spoke passionately of the film shot in the courtyard and the gardens of the mansion in 1983, «Scarface», in which a Cuban mobster exiled by Fidel Castro, commits all kinds of misdeeds (director Brian De Palma, written by Oliver Stone, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer and Steve Bauer artists), a classic that seems to be, he loved too.

Distintos espacios de la casa
Different areas of the house

After so much adventure, the guide seemed bored while teaching the four bedrooms of the resort. The main with private access to the sources to the outdoors and the fantastic gardens, with its own fireplace and large bathroom newly remodelled. The second bedroom with balcony and access to the terrace, the third with unique views of the property and the fourth (huge) room with access to the kitchen by the back staircase and the terrace. All the rooms had been recently renovated.

If there were two sites that Michelle paid special attention, were the library, with private bathroom and access to the back patio, an amazing place to work, calmly read the days of winter (with the fireplace running, clear) or deal with the most varied domestic and cultural affairs and the roof, with views of three hundred sixty degrees of the entire property, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands, a perfect place to attend her social gatherings or spend a fantastic summer.

La mansión ocupa una superficie de 40.500 metros cuadrados
The mansion covers an area of 40,500 square meters

On the outside, spacious green areas with trees around, with various types of Palm trees (giving a tropical air) irrigated in the entire property, with a large swimming pool that stretches through several channels, with the necessary sources and statues of various kinds, all with a configuration designed for the leisure and the enjoyment of the owners and their guests. The final moment approached, the bid had to finish there and now, treading over the pavement of terra-cotta of the exterior patio. She and the banker looked at each other defiant and without prior notice, the price war began.

Amplias zonas ajardinadas en el exterior

At the end, the investor bought the property by 12.2 million dollars (11,36 million euros), to which Michelle could not arrive, she hoped that property does not rise of ten million. She said goodbye in a hurry, knowing that the dreams are not always met… at least not always to the first, «I will have other occasions», thought, and, looking back while she left the mansion, she whispers a threatening: «I will return».

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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