A pool overlooking the Empire State

New York teaches us to enjoy its unique changing landscapes with style... of height!

The city of New York opens this year a new icon in its Skyline, a couple of buildings on the coast of the East River, looking towards Queens, whose major characteristic is not the height, or the surface, typology, or the form, being all these of a high visual quality. Its greatest claim is an airlift, the most important done in the city in the last 80 years.

The American Copper are two buildings connected by a bridge

The American Copper has everything to be a milestone in the world of the construction and the architecture. They say it on the website that sponsored: «10 reasons why everyone wants to make American Copper home». And there are reasons to boast of this fact, the new complex of luxury apartments is designed for enjoying the views… and of the inside! By the way… If you’re about to travel to the city enters into its website and requests visit… you won’t regret it!! 😉

They are apartments of 1,2 or 3 bedrooms

The promoters of the complex, JDS Developments, have been associated with the firm of architecture Shop Architects, who have already worked to build the thinnest skyscraper in the world (also in New York), as you know, if something works for what change it?. Between both have developed this singular building that houses 761 apartments for rent (not buy) of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, of which 150 are «affordable» units.

The rents range from 2,500 to 10,000 dollars or more

The rents range from 2,500 to 10,000 dollars or more (according to their website), that in euros is translates in 2.357 until the 9.429 or more, and yes, you can buy an affordable apartment by 895 euros a month (844 euros) according to the New York Times. Its construction began in the year 2014 in a plot that was flooded during the Sandy hurricane two years earlier, this is one of the reasons why the resort has a special protection of which we will discuss later.

A bridge joins the two buildings

The building consists of two buildings that simulate be dancing thanks to tilt four degrees of its structures and an air bridge that unites it on floors 27-29, 91 metres in height. The construction reach 160 meters high (West Tower) and 140 meters (East Tower) with 48 and 41 floors of homes that create the not inconsiderable number of 76,600 square meters of surface.

The façade is covered with copper

The façade is covered with the preferred material of the designers, the copper, with 5,000 panels weighing in total almost two million kilos (little…), as their promoters say: «a heap of penny coins» (American, clear). The copper is a metal that is found in nature, is versatile thanks to its ductility, and its malleability (properties fantastic to perform facades), this metal, with color of bronze, oxidize with the time, creating a patina of greenish color that will protect the interior.

You can practice climbing inside

This feature will make you not see the same building two times, is remarkable that the final color of the coating will depend largely on the type of copper and the weather in the area in which it is, as well, if we bring one of those panels to Extremadura, will not have the same color as its American «brothers». Another beauty of the facade is that the panels are not all equals, creating a very pleasant asymmetry.

On the bridge there will be a terrace

In the airlift hides its biggest claim: an indoor pool of 23 meters long that will delight of the tenants, who can swim while enjoying the incomparable views that the East River offers… Besides having a double height gym, room’s spa and wellness, a spectacular bar, Jacuzzi with hydro-massage, a wall of climbing… Finally, all for healthy living! Of course, in its coronation bridge will have an outdoor terrace, as it should be.

the Plaza of the water is about the underground parking

The outside access to the complex was designed by the study of landscaping Scape, the Plaza of the water (so called) is about the underground parking and is distributed around a fountain which serves to cool the space and mitigate noise from the motorway, to this help also the plants of the enclosure around the perimeter of the parcel. Inside the apartments boast highly equipped kitchens with Miele appliances and marble countertops, bathrooms also have marble in its finishes.

The building has double height gym

In the design and construction collaborated the Buro Happold and WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff engineering teams, which contributed to the structural calculation and taking measures against the possible flooding and extreme weather events, you know, which could lead to a climate change. For example the installation in the attic of the tower west of five generators of 400 kW, which, during a power outage, will supply power to eight passenger elevators, two elevators, loading, all refrigerators of the 761 apartments, as well as an outlet for each of it, lights in corridors and stairs and water pumps.

The building has underground parking

These generators are fed of natural gas, thus it will not depend on the delivery of fuel from abroad. The designers have planned that during one week the tenants may be isolated inside the building without power supply problems. From the year 2014 the New York legislation obliges installing mechanical systems of the new buildings at least 60 cm above expected flood area, the architects placed these systems on the second floor… forward-looking… Bravo!


Another fantastic measure, to evacuate excess water due to flooding or torrential rain, has been to put a layer of gravel of 45 cm between two slabs of concrete in the basement of the building. This layer will allow the circulation of the water guiding it by drilled pipes that will take it to a pump well to eject to the outside network. For precaution is avoided use the wood on the lower floors, as well as it has begun to place the plates of copper from the second floor, avoiding a possible prolonged contact with the sea level if this goes up.

The pool is ninety feet high

The JDS developers tell us that at least 1,000 people have shown interest in the apartments at market price, and that have received nearly 80,000 claims to reside in the 150 affordable apartments, which is credible enough seeing the outside of the building, modern, dynamic and unique, seeing the excellent location of the property and, above all, thinking of the pool to ninety meters high with windows from floor to ceiling which enjoy of the Empire State Building.

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