Boots for Dogs: Protect and Heat Their Feet

Essential protection in winter conditions and ideal complement to the coats.

Dog boots are products that have more evolved in recent years, especially those for sports activities and high performance, but are also very important all those types of footwear suited to protect their paws and pads in any situation.

Ultra paws, very durable boots. Click to buy

They are ideal for coats of which I spoke in the last week article. They are also essential in situations where the ground can present hazards either because it is too cold, hot -in summer – or because they can do damage or cuts by stones, sticks and even crystals. With this model boot, your dog’s paws are highly protected and have great grip. This boot is worn by K9 dogs.

Botas Ultra Paws para condiciones extremas. Haz clic aquí para comprarlas
Ultra  paws.  Boot for extreme conditions. Click to buy

The dogs accompany us on a wide range of activities such as hunting, trekking, hiking, rescue, mushing and even his own rehabilitation. There are boots to cover each of the specific needs of the dog.

Kurgo Boots. Ruff wear Red rock boot. Ultra paws Leg warmers.

Certainly there are dog breeds that can withstand the cold better than any human being, but always think about your overall health and wellness by protecting and preventing possible illnesses and discomfort caused by snow, rain and even frozen ground by it is difficult to walk. Also, avoid unnecessary loss of heat to your dog is always advisable to protect your legs especially his pads.

Besides there are in the market  the protective booties for dogs paws, for the famous leg warmers of the 80s that make the hair of the legs will not get wet with rain or snow or mud or staining dirty snow.

Ultra paws Leg warmers Detail. Ultra paws Very durable boots.

Other situations where the boots are important for dogs: Any outdoor activity for any terrain. Where they serve as protection against the broken or bad quality asphalt, stones, rocks, hot summer pavement in areas such as asphalt, dirt or sand.

Play an important role on slippery surfaces, where it is necessary to increase traction. As well as to improve traction in older dogs,  injured or with orthopedic problems.

Ruff wear Boots grip trex. Ultra paws Traction dog boots.

It is very important that in winter both you and your dog will steer away from ponds or icy surface water. Ice is a serious danger. It seems firm but is not. If the dog falls and even you could drown trying to save him. Not an alarmist situation that I explained some cases all the years pass as that I´ve just described. Therefore, does not encourage your dog to play on the ice, in addition to the terrible situation that I have described to you, it can cause sprains and strains to him and to you.

Puppe love Mary Jane in pink patent leather .

But there is only one reason purely prevention, it is these boots in addition to being designed with the latest techniques to make them as effective as possible and are also pretty comfortable. Looking ahead to the upcoming Christmas holidays in which we all have dinners and lunches to which we will go with our best clothes and for any occasion in which our dogs must be properly dressed according to the dress code demanded there are beautiful models and very elegant excellent quality. For the more fashionists, I propose you this selection:

Sporty Sneakers / Sporty Boots Teal Metallic / Gold Leopard Print Fashion Boots /

Rubber boots are totally flexible but secure. They perform the same function of water boots. They are made in 100% natural rubber. They have good performance. Protect dog paws safely and have good ankle support. Prevent moisture and cold water. They are also very good for dogs recovering and the elderly. Another interesting possibility is neoprene boots. You  have them in blue or pink.

Protective All-Terrain Rubberized Dog Shoes / Performance-Neoprene Premium Stretch Wraped Supportive Pet Shoes

Very practical is the solution you offer these boots made from 100% biodegradable natural rubber. They get easily without zippers, velcro or tape. They are reusable several times. They come in packs of 12. They are quite safe and they are accepted by dogs well. If you love go to running with your dog, he will be perfect wearign these sneakers:

Botas de caucho desechable
Pawz dog boots. Disposable boots in rubber.

If your dog does not wear boots for dogs, make sure to clean their paws salt and chemicals to remove snow after each ride. The chemicals may be toxic and salt become an irritant. You must keep the foot pads in perfect condition:

  • The Fur around them should be well trimmed to avoid snowballs or ice remain there after the walk.
  • Check That there is no cuts, cracks or any foreign debris such as twigs or stones or crystals.
  • Always keep the pads in good condition applying specific or failing Vaseline creams.
Kit par el
Dog fashion spa.  Kit paws and nose with brush.

You should avoid sticky fingerprints that your dog can go leaving  through the house. To do this, nothing better than indoor socks and boots that will be more convenient and comfortable than outdoor and he will accept more easily. It is always good to use a cream and specific treatment, including many in the market, the one I like is the Dog Fashion Spa, also has products to treat nose. You can also use the option of home slippers. Very interesting is the choice of disposable inside boots.

Pawks / Sport Pawks / Dino Dog Slippers – Orange

Many people have the habit of take off shoes when arrive home and ask for their guests to do the same when entering their home to avoid germs, so you can go with your pet or you can offer this possibility to your guests when they came with their «friends» , with this product for pet.

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