Buy a Luxury Apartment … From Home and Without Money!

Now you can buy an apartment in Dubai without leaving home and without money, provided you have bitcoins.

If it was someone who thought that digital currency would be a passing fad, already can going down (carefully) of this idea. A home is the highest investment carried out (during the life) of a person, but very few had imagined that it could be to do with «virtual» money, with just have a handful of bitcoins to hand… sorry, in the computer, clear.

Two entrepreneurs of success of the United Kingdom, the multifaceted parliamentary and Baroness Michelle Mone and the philanthropist and technology enthusiast Doug Barrowman joined in the most innovative realtor adventure: sell real estate with virtual currency, in concrete, 150 apartments that you can get between 29 and 79 bitcoins, seems little? Leaves that I to tell you that this currency costs (when I am writing this article) 3.608 euros the unit, implying that the housing costs would be between 104.622 and 285.032 euros, a bargain going…

The properties are currently being built and expected the completion in September of 2.019, it will be located in one of the areas of greatest projection of the Emirates, the Dubai Science Park, a business and residential Park where is important the innovation focused on the creation of a self-sufficient and sustainable future through the (good) use of natural resources and human talent, there, local companies and international (such as the Pepsi-Cola) will help to create a better world (at least so they say).

The Aston Plaza & Residences will be a true oasis, a premier residential area, will consist of two beautiful towers of reinforced concrete with glass façades. Towers with light shades of 40 plants that will rise over three floors for retail stores (retail, boutiques, cafes, restaurants…) and, at least, a supermarket. It will also have parking and extensive green areas on the outside of the complex.

The current budget is expected about 250 million pounds (274 million euros). The buildings, designed by the Studio of architecture John R Harris & Partners, have a relaxing and open character, with large common areas, where the users of 1.133 studies and one and two-bedroom apartments can interact (is not designed for large families). The company boasts of having sold 25% of the estate. Public areas and the interiors have been designed by Michelle Mone Interiors, company of the Baroness and parliamentary.

It is the first joint venture of this pair of entrepreneurs (partners, also in the personal life), whose development is being carried out by the Knox Group company, owned by Barrowman, who said: «is a unique and exclusive opportunity to fusion the sectors real estate and technology, together in a true industry first». According to its creators, it is the first business that allows you to buy with bitcoin. Michelle Mone, for her part said: «our development in Dubai offers exceptional homes for professionals and young families. The towers have been designed to cater for those seeking lifestyle and comfort in a beautiful location», in the desert, I would add.

As good traders they know that must encourage the purchase with good arguments, they have announced that will have a 9% return investment when it finished construction, provided that the apartments are intended for rental. In addition, reported that if you buy with bitcoin are saved between 15 and 20% of the ‘normal’ sale price. And, the icing is the promise to participate in the auction of an apartment if they sell 50 units through this novel form of acquisition.

But in The Luxonomist won’t let you buy your apartment in Dubai at blind, you are already viewed the computer graphics generated by the company for its marketing, now, you will need additional information: the studies have 46 square meters and two different types, the one bedroom apartments have approximately 74 square meters, have all at least one balcony and you can choose between six different forms and the two bedroom apartments have 120 square meters and are in the corner of each building, covering greater view that the rest.

The complex will include the presence of the Aston Club, which will provide 6,500 square meters of free services for residents and their guests. In the club you can enjoy swimming in the pool outdoors, get muscular in a super gym, enjoy a film outdoors, relax in the private lounge or in the Zen Yoga, Pilates and meditation Pavilion, you can train in the area of sports where practice football, baseball, volleyball, badminton or tennis and, the best thing for me, invite your boss or friends at the barbecue and picnic area.

There are many myths about the Bitcoin, in case you don’t know, is a digital currency created in January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, fictitious name (or that it is believed) that hides a software developer that the identity is not known. The currency is not of course illegal, although many countries have reservations about it, others, like Japan, are already taking steps toward legalization. According to experts, the bitcoin is a currency of easy tracking, which makes impossible use in tax evasion or money laundering.

Finally, if you’re willing to invest in real estate to take advantage of your digital reservations, keep in mind that the bitcoin is measured in US dollars, which is a currency that fluctuating a lot so the payment can be more or less high depending on the time of purchase. The rate of the bitcoin lock is 15 minutes once pressure the key of payment, so relax before you choose the best time. On the Bitpay page (the world’s largest bitcoin payments processor with who work Aston Plaza) you can find more information… luck with the draw for the apartment!

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