Dancing on the Hublot Facade

The brand of watches Hublot opened its new boutique in New York, the highest that possesses in United States.

"NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 19: Dancers rappel down the facade of the Hublot Fifth Avenue Boutique during Hublot's celebration of the grand opening of it's Fifth Avenue Boutique in NYC on April 19, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Hublot)"

Hi, my fondness for the good read is known «around the World» (would say an English), my fondness for the good food (gourmet, of course) is not less known and, finally, my exquisite sense of smell to the divertimento (healthy, too) could pass any test that is submitted. However, my passion for the watches and the dance are not as well known, two of the most delicate pieces of art that the human ingenuity has invented. Thus, it was not surprising my presence at the opening of the store of the Swiss brand Hublot in New York the past April 20.

Carlito Fuente, Pelé, Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO of Hublot), Usain Bolt, Peter Marino and Jean-François Sberro (General Manager of Hublot America) at Hublot 5th Avenue (NYC) Boutique
Carlito Fuente, Pelé, Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO of Hublot), Usain Bolt, Peter Marino and Jean-François Sberro (General Manager of Hublot America) at Hublot 5th Avenue (NYC) Boutique

As you already know by other media, my appearance at the opening of this modern and exquisite boutique did not go unnoticed, even I could not help overshadow (slightly) to other illustrious guests. I, Rodolfo, as media figure nothing I have to envy to Usain Bolt (Olympic sprinter and illustrious ambassador of the brand) or the footballer Pelé (Star King for the most popular sport in the world, with permission of the basketball, of course).

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, was the hosted in the celebrations that accompanied to the important opening of the building located in the 743 Fifth Avenue (Street luxury) and designed by Peter Marino, you know, the architect preferred by big brands (which does not go unnoticed under any circumstances). The construction is iconic for several reasons, first because this happens to be the largest and highest Flagship (21 meters) of the brand in the United States, and, of course, that it holds more luxury.

The second is its incomparable aesthetics, result of the imagination of the designer and the quality and beauty of the materials with which it is formed. Black aluminum panels are placed at different angles in the facade simulating the strap of a clock (appropriate), and to turn it into an experience, have introduced on the front lines lights LED´s (always led´s) to give life and color to the mega-bracelet of aluminum.

Edificio de la flagship de Hublot en la Quinta Avenida de NY
Hublot flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NY

Someone commented that the aluminum was covered with dust, which generated some confusion among the circle closest to me. As on other occasions, I saved your doubts with my singular predisposition explaining that the powder paint is used in the world of the construction, the engineering and the decoration. The main difference between this painting and the liquid paint is that don’t need solvent, with which we guarantee a lower environmental pollution, is what some people call an Eco-friendly product.

This type of coating is carried out in furnaces and its finish has a number of advantages such as: excellent adherence and flexibility, great resistance to abrasion and corrosion, excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, durability and toughness against impact, twist and warp, high resistance to adverse weather conditions and, the best for a paint, a very high homogeneity in the applied thickness. The dust that is not adhered to the workpiece can be reused (not lose a speck).

Interior de la lujosa tienda de la firma de relojes
Hublot flagship store interior

Obviously, because of the need for a space and a specific machinery for its implementation, it is more expensive than the liquid paint, but its higher performance (a layer can replace all the layers of the liquid), the finish excellent of the product (the parts not often discarded by defects in the finish by not drain or drip) and the fantastic results are becoming this unique form of paint in very fashionable.

I could have continued the explanatory talk but I had to stop because started the show, Hublot entertained the audience with a true entertainment that I would not have lost nor even though I had not been invited. The dance is, for me, the most complete body expression and a building is the ultimate expression of architecture, so you may understand that my skin turned stone when the dance company Bandaloop delighted us with a vertical dance on facade.

Luces LED y gris como claves en el interior
LED lights and gray color as keys inside

After of the performance, the dancing couple descended from the neighboring façade of Louis Vuitton to make delivery to Usain Bolt of a very special limited edition of a watch: the Big Bang only Usain Bolt, I do not understand why they not gave me other… The watch is made up of 330 pieces assembled by hand (it call crafts) and contains the chronograph Flyback, GMY or bi-retrograde chronograph. The box is 45 mm and is made of 18-carat gold, sapphire crystal and belts made of black rubber, in short, a luxury.

The interior of the building is not less luxurious than the brand, Marino had fully aware that in that «remote place» would expose the full range of watches from Hublot, whose main star is the previously named Big Bang only Usain Bolt created in commemoration of the Olympic Games which will be held this summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We entered at the building to admire every corner of its 139 square meters of exhibition.

Big Bang UNICO Usain Bolt

Pavements of black volcanic stone, wooden floors, furniture of leather with graphite tones, stainless steel elements combined with the latest innovations in technology as LCD Vitrines «shadowless» and a special design by indirect lights to blend the atmosphere of homogeneous and elegant form. I loved the black ceiling of the entrance and, as no, the virtual book in the main window of the Fifth Avenue showing the history of Hublot.

At the back of the boutique, a picture of Albrecht Schnider, surrounded by mirrors, is embedded in the wall, like a surreal presence. The mirrors give greater scope to a room, but misplaced can cause in the visitor the strange feeling of disorientation and loss, of course, is not the case of the Flagship, there no one is capable of being lost, except in the admiration of the magnificent watches of the brand.

Cada pieza es un lujo en esta tienda de Hublot
Hublot flagship store interior

Thoughtful, I pondered whether accompany to the participants on the next excursion: the visit to the Museum Guggengueim of the Upper Manhattan’s East Side to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the concept All Black (the famous idea of «invisible visibility») or whether, on the contrary, I should follow in the incessant and academic pursuit of new building materials. Of the decision that I took, I don´t speak, because, of course, you already know it by other means of communication. Bye bye.

Un interior sobrio y minimalista
Hublot flagship store interior

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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