Dior Settles in Miami

Dior opens a boutique for women in Miami, an elegant building that breathes elegance inside and outside.

«And what do we do with you?», exclaimed the beautician, too high tone, with face of nuisance, as if she takes away a great prize. Ruth couldn’t avoid shrink a little, perhaps, after all, they will break the contract and she could not parade, sincerely did not know if it would be a problem or a solution, was much work and, although she wins enough money, she was not so accustomed as the other models. «Don’t worry», reassured the professional of the makeup, «you are too beautiful for have wrinkles in the skin «.

La espectacular nueva tienda Dior en Miami
New Dior boutique in Miami

One month ago, as she walked by the Miami Design District in Florida, had discovered a new building, already finished, whose opening was very next. It was the new Dior boutique, the second complex of the brand in the area since the opened of Dior Homme, in the year 2012 of course, this center was destined exclusively to women. It was a beautiful and charming building with an unconventional facade. With sixteen-year-old Ruth had no qualms and standing, in front of it, she studied it carefully.

Almost without noticing, a man, young also, but much greater than her, was stood by her side. «The facade was designed by the architectural firm Barbarito Bancel and is composed of panels precast of concrete fabricated specifically for it, these panels make up a beautiful and lasting envelope that protects the interior and, in addition, simulate the movement of a dress by Japanese inspiration that was used in the spring/summer collection 2007″. They spoke with great naturalness, and very soon the stranger had earned her confidence, when she was suspicious by nature.

Dior Homme en Miami, lujo al alcance de pocos
Dior Homme in Miami

He explained that the star that sits at the top of the building is in commemoration of the good fortune that has Mr Dior, symbol which can be seen in the new boutiques in Tokyo, Seoul and Korea. «We plan to inaugurate it on March 18, do you want me to show the inside?« the girl was puzzled, She thought that the friendly stranger had lots of information about the brand, now she knew why… he works (in some way) for Dior! She accepted the invitation.

Peter Marino (Interior Designer) was inspired this time in the Flagship Store of the Avenue Montaigne in Paris designed by himself. «I’m going to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the operators but we are finalizing the details, placing works of art, doing light tests, etc…», the girl said nothing, but she thought: «Have I been asked for forgiveness?». Certainly had a huge traffic of people, but they are not stumbled each other, was a quasi-perfect choreography, Ruth was very funny.

Cuenta con tres plantas y un diseño exclusivo
The store has three floors with exlusive design

The building is composed of three floors, the first floor dedicated to different accessories of the firm, bags, jewelry and watches. «As always Dior has counted with contemporary artists of quality to decorate and beautify the boutique», explained the host, «you can see the famous cast of aluminium · Five· of Terence Main, a recurrent artwork for Marino», also taught the famous lamp of Véronique Rivemale in the room dedicated to watchmaking and jewellery.

The staircase wall was occupied by a huge projection of video art of Yorame Mevorach Oyoram, she had never seen anything like. She liked it, and so told his companion,  a fantastic staircase of broken slab (where the base follows the same way than its steps), with steps of cream-colored stone, a railing leaning upon crystals from the third step, and, above all, the detail of franking the stair with mirrors, doing this to disappear from view when it changed the direction.

La segunda planta del edificio tenía como estrella principal el salón prêt-à-Porter equipado con zona de estar
The store has a prêt-à-Porter room

The artist Fredrikson Stallard was present with two notable contributions, the first a console ·Crush· near the entrance of the elevator and the second a mirror ·Hurricane·. The second floor of the building had as main star the lounge prêt-à-Porter equipped with sitting area. «The incredible Sebastian Brajkovic delights us with one of his famous tables, Guillaume Piéchaud with his ·talon aiguille· chairs and we can sit elegantly through the bar stools · Bishop· of India Mahdavi«, the interlocutor’s voice vibrated with love, Ruth could not help but feel empathy.

An exclusive VIP lounge, is located in the third floor, as it could not be of another way the best is always on top. There, have created a charming garden terrace that will delight of the customers and guests. «We are waiting for the arrival of the sculpture ·Mylar· of Larry Bell, the stools of Franck Evennou ·Coque·, the table ·La table qui marche· of Roland Mellan and the great console ·Riflesso· of the deceased Charlotte Perriand for the VIP room», again the ringer in the voice of the issuer inspired tenderness.

One of the furniture designed by Terence Main

Several people were on the terrace at a table at that moment, by the costumes and their form of talk she realized quickly that they were not workers, perhaps, would be the responsibles for the building. Raul, the name of the host, went up to them and said them (pointing to her) something that she did not understand, Raul was a photographer of the firm Dior and in her, he had seen something he liked. Apparently, their leaders also saw at something and, after calling her parents, was invited to be a model with a two-year contract.

Terraza con zona VIP para disfrute de unos pocos bolsillos
VIP terrace

Later, Raul confessed her that seeing her in front of the building, circumspect, he knew that she was born to be model, then, when he know her, he confirmed it. She had the nerve and the required personality. Already he imagined her in Dior catalogs or on the catwalks of the firm, they were preparing for May 31 at the Blenheim Palace, where had been held parades in 1954 and 1958, and was very popular for being the birthplace of Winston Churchill, among many other things.

Blenheim Palace-Park and gardens-South Lawn-Aerial_Credit-Blenheim Palace 2016
Palacio de Blenheim

Even today, while the beautician watched her thoughtful, she was amazed, she wouldn’t see rare that her modeling career ended before of start. «What do we do with you?», she returned to repeat the professional, «you are so beautiful that you do my job too easy», she smiled, seeing the colors that had appeared in the young woman, «now if I have something to do» and started to work.

El Blenheim Palace acogerá un desfile muy especial de Dior
The Blenheim Palace will host a special parade of Dior

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

(PhotoAldo Sperber.)


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