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Samsung Dream Doghouse, the futuristic kennel.

Many years ago the technology reached the pet accessories, but never in such spectacular as the Samsung Dream Doghouse form. A dog house modern and innovative design that has automated food dispenser, jacuzzi, tablet and much more!

The house has several sections a living room where the dispenser meals on the dog just support the leg to get it is. It is decorated with stickers of dog paw prints, bones and pictures of other dogs sitting set.

Dormitorio con tablet
Bedroom with tablet Samsung Galaxy S Tab.

Another section is the bedroom in which is included a Samsung Galaxy S Tab so that the pet can relax with velvet cushions. The tablet not only emits prepared as entertainment content, it also serves as a receptor for video calls. It sleeps two small dogs.

To make this design Samsung interviewed several luxury pet owners to know what they would like to have their dogs. 64% of respondents said that their pets would benefit from more technology and gadgets. In manufacturing and design professionals they involved 18 among industrial ingeneros, computer, designers, etc.

Visión general de la
Samsung Dream Doghouse.

Other departments include a treadmill with a type Astro Turf artificial turf to be put in shape without leaving home, and a hot tub for your dog to relax after a grueling session. It has been exhibited at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham last March 8, 2015. Although not currently sold, the estimated price is € 27,000 or $ 30,000. If you want to know the video:

While Samsung decide whether marketed or not, I propose other interesting items that can somehow replace the services offered by this manífica home. The small treadmill DogTread®. The market is full of treadmills for dogs and is an article that’s ever going to both performance and design and demand.

Veterinarians and pet therapists advise the lot, including use in their treatments, although the latter is now the treadmill combined with a pool, so your dog will benefit from the effects of aqua gym, exercise not only within the water, but also believes that instead of water may be ideally suited to their needs for therapy solution.

Treadmill with pool therapy.

Only available for USA and Canada, but in Spain and anywhere in the world you can buy through and soon in  It is perfect for dogs and small spaces. It is portable and space-saving design is easy to store or transport anywhere you go with your pet.

It has an attractive design and a quiet engine. You can adjust the intensity of training as needed to simulate outdoor terrain. You can also adjust the inclination of the surface to train simulating slopes. It is ideal for daily exercise of dogs, regardless of weather conditions. It is very soft to the legs.

Eyeanimal Cameras: Petcam and Pet Vision Live. 

The Petcam of Eyeanimal was awarded as best product for pets in 2011. It is a record sales. Very easy to use, it was the first video cam pet. This model is valid for both dogs and cats but also a model just for cats. It allows owners know everything about the behavior of your pet. It is very easy to use. It has integrated microphone. It weighs only 35 grams  . It has a Flash memory of 4 GB. It is capable of video transferncia and can recharge the battery via USB connection.

The other chamber, the Pet Vision live: Keeps an eye on your pet from your smartphone, computer or tablet. It is a digital video camera that enables audio monitoring ilimtado your dog or cat and its environment from which you find via 3G / 4G / 4G + / WIFI. Snapshot alerts issued notice to the App. Has nearly 360 ° horizontal rotation and 90 ° vertical, optional motion detection, audio function lets you listen to pets and talk to them.

Infrared night vision camera makes a truly interactive system for unlimited monitoring of the pet and its surroundings. With this camera you can identifiar annoying to be able to see a specialist such as a veterinary behaviorist behavior.

Piscina para perros. Haz clic para comprarla
Piscina para perros.

Bone-shaped pool with cypress wood frame sold by «one dog one bone» comes with full kit and installation instructions.

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