Does Your Dog Chews Everything?

 Teach your dog not to chew your shoes, clothing, furniture and curtains.

Did you ever happened that when you get home you find that seems the day after a battle and the author is your dog? You have to correct your dog that behavior. Remember that you are the boss, not the animal. And he will be grateful to live in a neat environment with rules and not in one erratic. 

Dog biting a shoe.

Although there are breeds such as hunting, which in turn are more genetic inclined to   use mouth to catch objects than others. All dogs use their mouths like sense of touch as they have there lots of tactile sensors that provide great information. Dogs, puppies and even more use smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch to explore the world around them, like any mammal.

The dog has highly developed sense of touch in the mouth. (Photo: zoogic)

Most dogs prefer to chew things that smell to you, such as shoes, socks, gloves, shoes, children’s toys, clothing, plastic bags, medicines, wallets and purses, and even furniture. If your dog still prefer your shoes to chew his toys, you can try to leave the chew toy inside your shoe at night. In the morning, the chew toy should have a more attractive scent for your dog – it works!. There are also some pastes and flavors with which you can spread your toys and do more attractive to be bitten by them.

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Reasons that a dog destroys in its path. 
1.- Anxiety caused by separation. When dogs are left alone at home often they feel anxiety causing whining, barking and destructive behavior. Avoid dismissed Hollywood type, you do not go to war for 100 years, only to work or to do some shopping. Leave music on in a civilized volume, leave your perfume for the environment that will be calmer. These are two tricks that are proven to work great.

2.- Boredom: Dogs often bite objects when they are bored. Chew things may seem funny. Because they learn new things. Remember that dogs need exercise and mental activity. Exploring textures, smells and new experiences. Give her different toys so you can channel their curiosity through proper game.

Does your dog gets bored?

4.- Hyperactivity: Exercise your dog daily. Depending on his age and breed must do their proper exercise. If he does every day, your pet will not be bored and also helps to keep his energy levels balanced and metabolism in normal levels. Boredom and high energy levels are some of the most common reasons of destructive behavior.

5.- Sore gums, typical of the puppies who are leaving or changing teeth.

Ice with toys and sweets.

PUPPIES: Between 3-6 months is normal to have this trend, because he is teething, but must be taught. The output change and gives them new teeth itch and gum irritation and pain and relieves them biting objects.

  • Game to ease through the cold: If your puppy (0-12 months) is in period of teething, you can freeze a few cookies in croquettes and water in an ice cube in the freezer and when the ice block that carries goodies inside are ready take it out, give it to your puppy to  bite the ice he will help ease his discomfort and melting as he goes find the «goodies» and he will love it!.
It’s good that our dog play with others to relieve their boredom

MORE THAN ONE YEAR:  From the year, the dog is no longer a puppy.This behavior is often attributed to lack of exercise, boredom and anxiety.It is best to exercise with interactive toys, play with him, get another pet more to entertain together, play them music -it has proven to be true its calming effect on animals-.

  • Game to prevent boredom: «Search your food», interactive toys in which the dogs should make them leave small cookie as a reward.
  • Separation Anxiety:  If your dog is suffering by separation, when you leave home alone. But if you suspect it is due to other causes, you should consult your veterinarian.

ELDERLY: The anxiety or some other more serious com character changes towards more aggressive problem. Older dogs may suffer a disorder called Cognitive  Dysfunction Syndrome, is a disease similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. This disease affects among other things the dog’s learning ability and memory. To treat these diseases so call your trusted veterinarian.

Dog training

SOLUTIONS: 60% of dogs give problems when they are alone. These dogs have not been educated; instead, they are trained to take comfort in being alone give no problem any longer to stay unaccompanied.

  1. Teach what can and what can not bite. You must have your own special dog toys: balls, ropes or cartilage bone large enough to not suffer drowning. Quality, please.
  2. Never give an old shoe to play, he does not destingue between old and new and he will look similar when he was  tired or completely shatter that. And even he will seek shoes.
  3. Anticipate and say NO or to correct with a NO! and change what is biting by a toy should be sufficient.

If something biting surprise. You must be coherent, consistent and firm. You must anticipate what he is going to do or if he is already doing to say «NO» whenever he is wrong. Take away what bites, take him 10 minutes to another site and when he brings back to give one of his toys, let him chew on and what you reward. Pet him, say «very well.» If you have not caught «red-handed» is absurd scold. Neither will you find out why you do it.

Si lo cansas antes de irte se tomará tu ausencia como un descanso
If you get tired before you leave your absence will be taken as a break


  1. Educate always positive. Never physically punish. Do not «hit». Just get it to become fearful. Rolled newspapers are not a good method of learning. If he obeys and chews the appropriate object you must reward him with caresses and words of encouragement.  I am not in favor of anything spreads the legs of furniture that likes to bite with tabasco sauce. Can you imagine that smell at home?
  1. When you leave home and stay only: close the doors of the rooms where you want to keep out, leave only their toys within reach. To have no sense of abandonment, take a walk for half an hour before your departure, your dog will be taken up as a time for rest.

There is a kind of cage or little parks that Cesar Millan » the dog  whisperer « used in their training and are very practical. On your return, the dog wants to play, it is the ideal time for you to do.

Dog tearing paper rolls.


  1. Change the routine of a dog is not easy, it requires considerable time and effort, but not impossible. For these cases, even though our dog is an adult, we can leave toys or bones to be entertained.
  2. Start training, the first day he comes home, leave it for when «is bigger,» it is a mistake.
  3. Every family must agree to employ the same technique and perseverance.
  4. If you get along with other animals, be it another dog or another cat, they feel accompanied and spend more time playing with his partner than bitting what he should not.
  5. Correct and divert attention always give result, education is laborious, but has a very satisfying reward.
  6. Be yourself ordered, do not leave lying around the house or the bathroom objects, or allow access to the paper, trash or bathroom if not strictly necessary – for assistance  dog -. They love to play with toilet paper!
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To prevent accustomed to bite our things is advisable to buy him toys to chew, bones, balls … Before giving any object we must ensure that is not toxic or harmful to their health and having a suitable size to avoid drowning. Ideally, that they are specific to dogs and do not resemble objects that do not want to take. Particularly I love games that stimulate their intelligence: those who have to take a cookie in a maze or solve a small problem.

Toys that squeak or make noise are usually their favorite, but your patience will end quickly. Bones always sized to not produce drowning, preferably ham bones. Chicken bones ever since they can splinter. Nylon bones are preferable to rawhide bones because they are stronger and there are also different flavors and textures, ideal for phase change or teething.

Playing the dog bite you.

Alow bitten hands and/or Feet. The vast majority of puppies, also bite the hands, feet and ankles of the people who are around their. Often bite the owner, the children of the house and service personnel every time they get to catch them. He could bite your visitors but also to people in the street.

When the puppy bites a person (hand, foot, ankle, etc.), the person must say loudly and firm NO! and interrupt the game, keep a straight face and ignore the puppy for 3 minutes. It is important that no one let the puppy «play biting» not once, but generate confusion.

If the bite becomes more severe or if there are indications that chewing is also associated with aggression, you should consult with a canine psychologist or otherwise with a professional dog trainer.

Dog bites a leash.

ALLOW BITE THE LEASH. Never play with your puppy to bite the leash. Then do not complain that during the ride will too. The movement of active prey drive belt / predation. During the ride, in many cases, the belt moves in front of the face, and therefore the eyes, the puppy. This movement causes the dog instinctively wants to bite the leash. It is ensuring that the position of the belt is lateral with respect to the puppy and not cross in front of his face.

Belt also bite because they are willing to go out and tug it that way, with anxiety and if they are young as a form of gambling and manifestation of joy. On the market anti straps bites besides being double layer of nylon carry spicy -chili pimiento- . I am nothing in favor of such methods reminiscent of very, very past times, fortunately. I prefer like I said, incentives and positive education.

The last straw! Playing «tug of war» with a sock.

PLAY «TUG OF WAR». It should not be done because it stimulates the behavior of «compulsive bite» dog. In addition to entering the field of incorrect and when he wins competition reinforces their behavior, and even growl as he takes the opposite. Remember who always has control are you.

The damage caused by dogs are a serious issue. Already there are judgments in which they have come to impose fines up to € 7,000.00 to the tenant of a property for damage caused by the dog. Not everyone is Sarkozy who according to which some digital newspapers their dogs caused damage to furniture of Elysee Palace that had to be partially restored by the state service of furniture and also the  Ministry had to  hire an outside expert and paid him   6,600.00 €.

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