Dogs and Cats, Rich and Famous Through Internet

Pets from gaining followers on social networks one day began to charge hundreds of thousands of euros.

There are a few animals that have become famous thanks to social networks and their owners have managed to capitalize on their fame and the number of followers in many thousands of euros a year. Not only dogs and cats, but today we’ll focus on them. These pets sign books, make movies, photo shoots, advertising campaigns and have a merchandising line behind them that make their owners earn big money.

Vogue. Cover of Vogue German. Choupette and Linda Evangelista.

I have already spoken here repeatedly about Choupette, the elegant cat of Karl Lagerfeld and income whose advertising campaign or its own product line, but today’s article is pet of  totally anonymous people with no connection to the world of fashion, advertising or the business at high levels.

Naturally, the animal must have «that special something» that makes him more than a dog or a cat. These animals like any other celebrity, have agents seeking business opportunities and receive offers.

Grumpy cat.

Grumpy Cat. Her sullen face is the most characteristic, a result of a underbite and feline dwarfism. It is the most famous Internet cat. Only in its first two years of fame, she won $ 100 million in product sales merchandishing, book contracts and an agreement for the film Grumpy Cay’s Worst Christmas Ever. And a contract with Friskies. Even has its own brand of coffee: Grumppuccino.

Grumpy cat with hat/Reuters

Its owner Tabatha Bundesen always has denied saying that these data are completely inaccurate. What it means to me, in this case, that may even outweigh these data, I do not think I’m wrong because Mrs. Bundensen could quit her job as a waitress only the second day of the first meme Grumpy is back viral. His most famous memes are «Not!» And «once I had fun. It was terrible.» Although we all think it’s a cat is actually a kitten. His real name is Taking Sauce.

Brother Cream. Bus advertising campaign. Hong Kong, in front of Louis Vuitton shop.

Brother Cream. Tsim Tung Brother Cream. It is the most famous cat in Hong Kong, he lives in a grocery store. His fame has even helped bring more customers to the store of Ko Chee-Shing, one of the few remaining independent shops in a market dominated by international market chain 7-Eleven and Circle K. The white and honey colored kitten has thousands of followers on social networks, and the fans who visit from around the world want to know everything about him.

Brother Cream has also done promotions for well known brands such as L’Occitane, Shu Uemura, Microsoft Xbox and Nikon. Ads with public buses cover image of the city, the airport luggage carts and subway stations. Fans can buy bags, stickers, books and folders with his image.

Brother Cream has won hundreds of thousands of dollars for his work and has a five-page curriculum. He has won so much money that Ko – its owner – founded a non-profit organization to distribute funds for charitable purposes, including animal rescue programs and food aid.

Henri Le Chat Noir

Henri Le Chat Noir. It is a cat known for his short films and their philosophical reflections in French, obviously translated into English, for the rest of the world understand them. «He wrote» a book entitled «existential reflections of a cat full of anguish» – overwhelmed, to be exactly-. He also has his own website and a section store to buy their products.

Princess Monster Truck with short hair

Princess Monster Truck. Known for its look with open eyes and overbite jaw with a tooth protruding, her videos on youtube also she have a website  where you can find line of clothing and accessories. I’m honestly I don´t like me. More about her this. 


Bodhi. It is probably the richest internet dog, earn more than $ 15,000.00 per month by model menswear in Tumblr. The owners Yena Kim and David Fung began almost as a game, and arrayed with the latest trends in menswear and between that they like to do and the dog demeanor, are succeeding without question. Just see the hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks: instagram, vimeo, tumblr, twitter, facebook and options which have official account.

He has done advertising campaigns for Brooks Brothers, Salvatore Ferragamo, ASOS, Revlon, The Tie Bar, Polyvore and Purina, among many others. He has appeared in GQ, Nylon, Time and Esquire and has also «published» a book about the new classicism-in clothes for men who signs as your account on Tumblr: Menswear Dog. 

Boo & Buddy.

Boo and Buddy. This pair of Pomerania called Boo and Buddy have charmed more than half the world. Boo is the most famous and known. Is the short hair. Boo belongs to an employee of Facebook based in San Francisco who created a Facebook page for the dog. He became popular in October 2010 after the singer Kesha sent a tweet saying she had a new boyfriend, and joined Boo page. In January 2015, Boo had more than 17 million Likes on Facebook.

Between other products and advertising campaigns, they have 4 books of photos by Chronicle Books such as «The Life of the cutest dog in the world», which was written by his real owner under the pseudonym JH Lee and has come to be published in 10 languages . Another book is «Small dog in the big city.» They also have their own replica Gund teddy brand.

Teddy and Boo Gund

Boo was appointed spokesman for Virgin America Airlines, which had pictures of him on a plane with advice for people traveling with pets. In July 2012 he was appointed official mascot of Virgin America. Even it has been publised his fake death via tweet, which was denied by the staff of Chronicle Books. His most popular social networks: Instagram and Facebook.  


Boss. Is a Frenchie who lives in Stockholm and has more than 182,000 followers on instagram. It is considered the most famous dog in Europe. The owners say that after the great response obtained in facebook, instagram opened one in, after a few months became the most popular section of this network. Then a Swedish newspaper wrote a story about him and the number of followers grew to 100,000 and then to the present. Boss has been in the news around the world and on websites such as Buzzfeed. By the Swedish nature, it is unusual that while going down the street you want to stop and take pictures with him, but discussed in social networks and send messages saying they have seen.

Boss with a wig of bananas from the Canary Islands.Hooray for creativity!

Boss acts against fame as a real celebrity. It has that «je ne sais quoi» that is true and people who have photographed him say that even posing for pictures.  Currently the owner is working to enhance their economic performance through the design of a line of shirts, US advertisers as Swedish companies are much more conservative and prefer to spend money on advertising in the subway rather than social networks. Here is his contact information if you’re interested to know more about it or even you want to invest. Facebook, Instagram and mail. 

Pickle before a picture.

Pickle I particularly like Pickle, although a newcomer (which not a «parvenu») to instadog – is the name of the phenomenon of dogs profitable the social networks that are speaking-, even though she is new to the scene she already has 3,000 followers. She is photographed in museums with works of contemporary art, some of them excellent.

Pickle is a four years old French bulldog , who is owned by the son of the art advisor: Katie Howard. In the beginning,it was started as a way for her to not leave Pickle at home. This year the Armory Show in New York gave Pickle a press pass so she could attend the Artsy Instagram Event: #ArtWorldSpaces.

Pickles visiting the Jewish Museum.

Galleries like Sean Kelly and Lehmann Maupin have begun to request Pickle’s presence at shows. She has also taken pictures with artists like Hank Willis Thomas, Lucas Blalock, Betty Tompkins and Takashi Murakami.

Other famous dogs in the frenchie instagram like Manny – a French bulldog – Winston, Dagger, Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle two very funny dogs from New Zealand, Chloe, Marnie the dog who always has his tongue out and other problems because she has been an abused dog or even  Norm who makes his own selfies.

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