Dogs Safe From Water

Today I propose a series of articles so that your dog can enjoy safe, the sea and the pool this summer.

Foto: lapatilla/ Reuters/ Lucy Nicholson
Foto: lapatilla/ Reuters/ Lucy Nicholson
Dog on a surf board. (Photo: lapatilla/ Reuters/ Lucy Nicholson)

To help our dogs to beat the heat is very good that they can bathe both at sea and in a pool. It will help lower their body temperature, as I told you in the previous post: Pet Healthcare: 7 Tips for Summer.

The Waginton hotel was the first 5-star hotel for dogs opened in Singapure some years ago. This is its pool. Worth at least, visit their website to see how the monitors pampering treat dogs and how to follow the recommendations which will be talk today.

The Waginton Hotel en Singapure. Swiming pool.

It looks like a widespread idea that dogs can swim because are printed in their DNA and thus are safe in any aquatic environment:  the edge of the beach on a day of calm, when we go on yacht or  even in the pool. Nothing is further from reality. Considers that not all breeds are equally awake «survival instinct», some have been designed for centuries for company and they aren´t even able to look for food themselves.

Among those breeds able to swim, not all resist long time. Instinct has been printed in their DNA to swim and find a bank, not an edge of pool or a boat ladder. Your dog will wonder how to rise after the efforts, which often have left him exhausted. For this there are very good solutions:

Boat Stairs: Years ago to hit the market this ladder to the boat. It´s   very practical and of excellent quality. Also you can get in shops specializing in nautical.

Rampa para piscina
Paws aboard. Boat stairs for dogs.

Ramp Pool: If you don´t have bricked stairs   in the pool or   is large enough for your pet feel helpless if you are away from it, you can put this ramp. Not only the dog will be able to climb from the water, also you can  train and play with your dog. It´s  a serious matter-  Unfortunately, each year there is a  high number of dogs that fall into the water and drown because they have no pool ramp.

Life Jackets: Mainly when we go by boat or when we can not be fully pending our dog, especially if you have several, it is essential that for security you put a life jacket. I advise this from  «Bart’s water spots»,  because they are specialists in making life jackets. Your dog will be safe, even though he knows and likes to swim, he can get tired quickly. This is precisely the case of the French buldogs and give them float while enjoying.

Chaleco salvavidas
Bart´s Water sport. Life jacket for dogs. (Photo: thewaningtonhotel) Click to buy

Remember that a safety vest never replaces the aid and human responsibility. You have them in a variety of colors and designs . They are generally easy to apply and remove. Choose the least bother to  your dog but the safer. Another added advantage is that you can do water sports with your pet. Great it will pass!

Most of life jackets for dogs have handles, by  that you can grab and guide where you want. They are also a good help if you want your dog will lose the fear of water, that gradually get used, because it will feel safe and protected. In cases of rehabilitation dogs they are often used to get into the pool rehabilitation of which we speak in one of the first posts: Technological Pets. The dog that is injured or perceiving their capacities has damaged, feels unsure and don´t walk in the pool is not maintained, it can be guided and helped.

Active for ever. Warning alarm collar. Click to buy

Collar to notify if they water fall:  It is an alarm system to warn if your pet falls into the water (there are also children in the same web). It consists of a base that should always be looking at the pool, a tortoise or as many as pets, and velcro for each dog to put the turtle. If animals fall into the water the system will alert to the sound of an alarm. It also works in saltwater pools. It operates under power to the current base.

Pool Floats:  I recommend this, from «Dogs aboard» because they are specialists in making nautical pet products.  They have many years of experience in such a demanding market as the American.

Paws aboard. Dog pool float. Click to buy

Towel:  This is fabulous microfiber towel to dry your dog, is specially designed for it with a very good quality. Currently on the website of the brand you can not buy loose, they have a promotion where you can purchase the towel with shampoo and conditioner to choose between two types of packs. Any of them will come in handy for hair care and skin of your dog so that with both swim in the sea and the pool does not suffer the harmful effects of chlorine and salt.

Toalla de microfibra. Haz clic para comprarla
Fuzzyard. Microfiber towel. Click to buy

Overall dogs really like the water, but remember that there are always exceptions to everything in life and that your dog doesn´t pass anything unusual, just do not like.

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